We're All Mad About Somethin

Look i get it. Everyone is ticked off about this or that…

Whether it’s personal issues between players/alliances, features of the game, hero(s) changes, etc etc

But can we not just keep our cool and keep in mind we all have the same things in common.

  1. We all love the game
  2. We all want an enjoyable and succesful game
  3. None of us want to read a bunch of squabbles and heated bs or personal attacks when trying to read a topic/discussion or have one ourselves

I’ve got plenty of personal beefs, no secret. But more than willing to separate them from this forum or at the very least, threads not relevant to the matter. I’m done with personal shots, not cause forgive n forget or whatever but because it’s selfish as hell to make multiple threads about something they’re not.

As far as conflicting point of views.

That’s goin to happen regardless of the subject matter. Talking about a place where thousands of people come together to talk about this or that, expecting 100% agreement about anything is just naive…

Now that being said, is there any way we can possibly keep the discussions civil? And especially not make them personal. I mean for all i know Xplayer is a great person and a good player, solid teammate to his team but now i just discarded so n so as a moron cause he thinks that chocolate is better than vanilla…dumb.

I admit i have and still do it quite often, problem is I’m not the only one. I’ve contributed plenty of rants, raves, back n forths, launches of attacks, etc. It’s stupid. Like really stupid. Stupid enough that i don’t realize how stupid it is when i do it. I’m seeing it become more and more popular.

Which raises the question, is that the kind of forum we want? A stupid one?

Players should be able to say “i think x hero needs a nerf” or “x hero doesn’t need a nerf”
And discuss the matter without launchin into attacks about who spends what, what alliance someone is in, etc etc

If a player spent money to get a hero, ok fair enough that they’re probably goin to have an ill reaction to the news that said hero is now being changed. But i don’t see the need to make it personal towards those that thought she needed a change.

And that same thing can be applied to the opposite parties before the news.

If SmallGiant didn’t think a change was needed, they wouldn’t make it regardless of whatever voting or discussion etc took place. They’ve made that clear from day 1.

Anyways all I’m sayin is that by actin like a bunch of jackasses, we’re screwin ourselves out of a pretty cool place to chill and discuss a hobby/passion we all have

Had similar talk some time back:

And to be frank, things weren’t nearly up in flames like they are now.

We’re not helping ourselves, each other, our alliances, our friends, our moderators, or the developers by not keepin a level head.

All it’s doin is screwin this place up for all involved. Plenty of solid forum contributors hidin out in line or APL because of how this place currently is. Plenty of feedback devs will never read because of how this place currently is.

We don’t have to like each other. But agreeing to disagree shouldn’t be that damn hard…

So sure probly repetitive but it’s on my mind and had to clear my head.

Thanks for reading


Out of likes for the day but :heart: ya for this :+1:

Thank you buddy. Couldn’t have stated it better myself.


Frankly I think you personally have a lot to answer for with your endless snarky comments, constant put downs of other posters and general pettiness. IMHO If anyone is taking oxygen out this forum it is you. If you want to be positive please lead by example. Not just on this thread but wherever you decide to comment in future. If you want civilized debate be civilized.


Fair enough and i agree with that


Kinda felt like that’s what this post was/is


Nice topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

I always like heavy disputes the most, but some people take different opinions personally and that shouldn’t be.

Always keep in mind:
Nobody wants to offend you with their opinions. Real offending posts can be flagged.

Every nick is a real person with different feelings. Respect that.

It’s always better to spread love than hate.

Hugs 2 everyone :hugs:


I for one fully support what you aim to achieve here.
This is a hobby game for me. And I really do enjoy it in my retirement.
I come into the forum because I have always found it to be friendly and positive with people exchanging views, best practice and providing help and support.
Unfortunately over the last six weeks it’s completely disintegrated into ruthless bullying to some extent.
When I read one player saying to another … “you need your throat cut in your sleep” … and “I P… in your face” …I was totally appalled to say the least.
I have looked to muting threads but more and more pop up on a daily basis.
It’s now got to a point where I think why the hell do I play this game anymore.
If I hadn’t joined a new alliance three days ago, to be absolutely honest, I probably would have just deleted the game.
Some very hot headed people are completely letting their heart rule their heads and ruining this for so many people.
We live in very difficult times so let’s look out for each other eh…


Hear, hear. Kindness is free, after all :slight_smile:

also: it does not mean turning the other each, necessarily. We can defend our opinions - and ourselves - without stooping to insulting back. Sure, it’s tough, my first impulse when I feel personally attacked is to lash back too… but then, in the end it’s better to respond in a civil manner!


I’ve been on the receiving end of dozens (possibly hundreds) of snarky comments myself. And I won’t play innocent and say that I haven’t snapped back, because I certainly have. I apologize for that.

We all get angry sometimes, and we all have our opinions, and no we’re not always going to agree with each other’s opinions. But we’re all just playing a game and a game is supposed to be fun. If there is an aspect of the game that I think is unfair or not fun, I should have the right to express my opinion on the matter without having my head chewed off. And vice versa.

Also, I’m not a fan of taking things out on the mods and beta testers. They’re unpaid volunteers. They’re not profiting off of your misery.

Now… SG/Zynga? LOL I’m sorry… I hold nothing personal against them, they have a right to run their company and make money off of their product however they want… but at the end of the day, if you’ve got beef with the game and the way it’s being run? Those are the guys you should be attacking. Not other posters.

And when I say “attacking,” I’m not saying go at them full bore with threats and profanities, because that will get you nowhere (except kicked from the forum). Tell them civilly, “me no like this part of your game, please change”. They probably won’t listen to you alone. But if a thousand other people come here and echo the same sentiment, without all the hate and vitriol… they just might.

There doesn’t seem to be any sense at all to attacking other players, though. Aside from starting a fight just to start a fight. If that’s what you want, there are a million other places on the internet where that is not only allowed, but actively encouraged. Please don’t let this forum become one of them.


It’s trials of nature today, the forum often seems to be trials of mature.

Adults go childish when you take away their toys just to repair them.



Eh it was a fair statement imo

Guess i could have linked examples of my :poop: moments and went into details about how each one was wrong, just figured that would make the thread more about me,myself, and i than the forum in general


Yes, eliminate beta threads entirely. This will cut down 80% (estimated) of uncivil comments here.


But is it the subject or the person that’s the issue?.

If they didn’t have those to be uncivil in, would they just be uncivil elsewhere?

I don’t think the subject matters for some. Just a guess but i think some are uncivil as just a way to blow off steam sometimes, some kind of weird release valve. Probly dealin with bs all day, open the forum, and the first person they talk to or first subject they disagree with catches the steam. Idk.


I’ve been thinking of writing a bit of a guide to how to avoid and resolve forum conflict but I’ll throw down some of my fave tips (which I have also been guilty of ignoring at times)

  • don’t reply. Our most frequent response to a flag is a version of ‘they started it’. That might be true, but you choose to respond.
  • be mindful about the ‘voice’ you read the post in, assume the best of the poster and your attitude to it will often be more positive
  • re-read your post before hitting reply. is it useful, entertaining or kind? If not, you’re just wasting data.

And finally - could I use a goofy meme instead of a wall of text?



No way :innocent::innocent:


@Rigs that’s a good msg … last couple of days I didn’t feel like reading any of the post. Hope the forum return back to normal soon :slight_smile:


Personally, I think it would just be nice to actually see the developers post a bit more often. These threads have a lot of misplaced emotions towards the mods and beta testers. Coming from a very long time WOW player, the forums were locked down pretty tight, but there was regular communication between the devs and the playerbase. We get a post from @Petri once in a blue moon and that’s it.


The biggest issue as I see it is that players stating their opinions refuse to stop repeating them unless they have everyone agreeing with them.

I don’t have a problem with anyone voicing their opinion, however when they continue to argue at length, repeating the same points over and over, then it becomes senseless and tiring.


Therein lies the rub.

Some people come online just to vent their rage anonymously.

And I totally get it. Internet is a great place to vent. Scream at people you don’t know, pretend like they aren’t real so it doesn’t matter. Except that they are real (well most of them, anyway). But you can justify it by saying “they’re not in my social circle, for all I know they live in the middle of Timbuktubekistan somewhere so who cares”…

But I’ve met some very fine people from Timbuktubekistan, and they don’t deserve to be a dumping grounds for the big pile of ■■■■ you’ve been lugging around over your shoulder all day long. :laughing:

/jokes aside. Seriously. Most of us are real people. And most of us wouldn’t talk to real people in real life the way we talk to other people online. For years, I’ve worried that the internet has quickly become a detriment to humanity by allowing people to “say” things to each other that they ordinarily wouldn’t say IRL.

The more we get used to it online, the easier it is to start disregarding people IRL as well. Because maybe you came online to vent about stuffs you didn’t want to vent out loud… and other “online screen names” vented back at you, and now you’re thinking “you know what, **** all these people, the whole world is a bunch of idiots”… and your plan of venting steam online has backfired, now you’re angry offline as well. Now you’re starting to hate everyone, even in real life, because everyone you’ve talked to on the internet is an asshole, obviously all of these strangers walking down the street represents one of those assholes…


I couldn’t disagree with this more. I enjoy the beta threads immensely. Since I have not been fortunate enough to be chosen to participate in beta ( I have tried), reading and commenting on the beta beats
is my way of contributing to the process. The problem people have is tempering expectations.


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