We're all against costumes for non-S1 heroes. Here is another idea. (Maybe we have a whole new way to Buff heroes now.)

Costume Bonuses don’t just boost the hero’s stats. It also gives them an innate %5 Mana regen bonus which literally changes the way the hero operates. And the fact that no non-S1 hero will never ever have that bonus is… well, it’s a bit weird if you ask me.

Again: No non-S1 hero should ever get a costume. I feel very strong about this opinion. My stance is still super clear on this topic. When I weigh the pros and cons give me “a bit weird” over “non-S1 Costumes” ANY DAY. Don’t wanna get misunderstood.

But, maybe we just discovered a new way to Buff a hero now: When we want to Buff a hero, instead of(OR in addition to) boosting its stats, we can add an innate %5 Mana bonus to that hero.

Of course it shouldn’t be freaking FINLEY, but it can be a weaker Challenge Event hero.

Of course not Gravemaker, but could be a weaker HotM.

Atlantis heroes comes to mind.

Alternate option: Instead of innate %5 Mana, could be innate %5 Evade, Pierce, Crit, Heal, etc.

Thank you for reading.


Also will just put this here:

In this 4* Rush tourney, I’ve been attacked only 5 times so far. And 2 of my last 3 attacks were against the same player(won the first and lost the second which put me out of the tourney today(last day))

So IDK, but I will just put this here. I think you get the gist. Not a great omen I guess?

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Can’t say I agree with the “No non-season 1 hero EVER deserves to get a costume”. Costumes need to evolve and especially improve heroes that are weak. I do see moving Season 2 heroes into the costume chamber, but down the road.

What’s offensive is the heroes they are choosing to give to extra costume power to. Start with Finley, most would agree he’s one of the top 5 heroes in the game for both offense and defense. If they decided to give a costume to Boomer and Sargasso in the same challenge event, it would be a lot more easier to swallow.

Buffing heores that aren’t worth the MATs is the way to go. Not making the rich richer and the strong stronger. And if we have to fcous on the money aspect, if players are suddenly using MATs on heroes they never would have before, they’ll be more apt to purchase some of the deals with ascention items.




I would prefer just buffing Boomer, Sargasso, etc. instead of costuming them.
Stat boost, innate bonus, element link, whatever.


Like I said, I still rather don’t have any non-S1 costume ever, but if it’s just bound to happen, then, they should just let us Buy the costumes for heroes we possess, without ganja.

Like if you have Boomer, you should be able buy his costumes with gems. They shouldn’t make it necessary for anyone to chase the costume of a special/event hero too.


Not a bad idea but I can already hear the forum saying “I paid for the hero, NOW I have to pay more gems just to make him usable??!!”. I’m to the point now that even if SGG does something in good faith, people will still complain.


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I’ve noticed a couple of improvements SG have made that have improved game play that members asked for but they have really seriously dropped the ball on the war score/war matching effort.

Why in the last two weeks after a defeat our war score has been adjusted down by as little as 0.075% and then a day later another 0.45%. The same oddity goes to the victors except their war score goes up by 1.79% only to be adjusted down by 0.45% a day later. Having been stuck at the wrong end of some lazy teams and scoring wins before these changes we are stuck with monster opponents with no way to get down to our level where we have a chance.


We’ve had the same thing happen to our alliance. What’s up with that?

On topic: costumes for paywall heros are ridiculous. Why in the world would SG do such an unbalanced thing!? Oh, I know, money. Again, ridiculous!!!


Titan scores go down over time. I suspect war scores gradually go down too.
It probably prevents the top alliances from getting a good war score and then opting out of war to maintain a good ranking. This would forgo all loot, but people do weird things to be number 1.

Hey? I’m Furious, you know me :grinning:


I do indeed. How r u?

Good thanks but the war starting at 4:00 am for me tomorrow seems cruel and I can’t say I’m delighted to get up that early.

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Glad to hear you’re doing well. Important note: We dont hit much, if at all, in the beginning, so I think 10:00 in the morning should be fine. :wink:

Unless things have changed since I opted out


we started a new tactic @sft1965 suggested, @amrath :wink: will explain in alliance chat, hee hee! though I am sure @TGW will say the same thing @sft1965 , we’re considerate of different time zones, and we have our strategy down, so nobody should feel pressured to get up early or go to bed late just to hit in war. everyone hits when it’s best for them, anyway we coordinate through the war and whomever is available can play multiple roles :slight_smile:

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It’s only 3.5 hours away now and I want to see the team. I collect stats. I know I’m not obliged so it’s all good.

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