Welp, now who should get scopes next

Soooooo…I think I have an ability to see the future because literally just 30 seconds before the BIG announcement about Telly, I asked my alliance members about ascending Vela and if she would be the best choice based on my roster outside of the Telly/Vela synergy. Here’s what I wrote:

“I have Alice and Finley (I think these heroes would get scopes before Vela if it were not for Telly reign), Frida (KA is maxed so I could suffice with just him instead for now) and Snow White (personal desire to max her for offensive play). Mats take so long to come by and I feel like Telly is going to get nerfed eventually so idk if I would choose Vela first outside of the defense combo.

Would love to hear everyone’s feedback. ”

So then 30 seconds later eventually was too late anyone need to know their future 30 seconds from now? LOL
FYI Before the synergy, Finley was set to get my scopes.

Well my lovely forum friends, now who should I give these scopes to?

Do you have emblems for either Alice or finley!?

If it were me, I would go with Alice or Finley. But that’s because I care more about offense than defense. And more likely Finley. I’m a massive fan of Defense Down, especially if you’re looking at titan fights.

I don’t remember where, but I remember hearing that Boldtusk was also nerfed after release. He’s still definitely one of the best 4*. I would wait & see what SG does with Telly & Vela. Even after the nerf, that might still be an awesome move for you after all.

Like you said, it takes ages to get all those telescopes. Might as well sit, make sure you have all the info after the nerf hits, and then decide. Or at least wait until the next Beta Beat comes out. That might have the nerfed heroes in it, and you can see just how harsh SG is looking to be at this moment.

I have more emblems for Finley than I do Alice

Yeah I’m definitely going to wait until the end result to see for sure, but I’m thinking Finley could go before Vela as I originally planned unless Vela and Telly stay good together after Telly’s balance.

You can’t really go wrong with either but I’d choose finley dude is insane. Can f up everything on the oppersite team


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