Well .. This is too much!

Well this is too much power for even a rare titan.
Its special skill can squach my 4* heros like paper!
1640 damages last for 5 turns!
And 200% damages !

Which is not fair for players with 4* heros
Just want to wonder which hero can handel a strick of 200% and last for 1 round bleeding 1640 of hp!
Please make it less powerful guys its any way not 10* or more rare titan.

Take in an antidote. Easy fix. I always take an antidote for any debuff or DoT that the titan will give on his special. I would even go as far as saying the antidote is overpowered because one small cheap antidote covers the whole team and refreshes them. You’ll find the titan much less scary without that DoT. It’s Huge!


It’s 1640 hp OVER 5 turns, not each turn. Use an antidote, solved.


I do use it.
But its too hard titan for players with mixed 3/4* lines to survive or even full 4* lines.
Even with war tools it still epic hard.
200% hit plus 1640÷5 in 5 turns if there is no healer in the team the potions wont help.
I been there before!

Add that to the 200% strick and let me know which 4* hero can do good vs it? Cause I & many other F2P players still have no 5☆ heros to use.

How is it that you’re fighting 8* titans if most of your alliance is using 3* and 4* heroes? Are you using a lot of flasks to take them down? Do you use mercs? Do you have a wide range of player levels in your alliance, with a few heavy hitters and a few low levels? I’m trying to figure this out?


Antidotes will solve the poison over time. For the special there are many counters. Arrows and hope the harpy misses, a dispel to take off the buff, or mana control heroes to prevent her special from going off, time stop will also work.

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I gave you fix and others have recommend you do the same but it’s still not good enough for you. The only thing I would suggest now is to go to a weaker alliance where you can fight lower level titans. The game is not targeting you. We all play the same game and deal with all of the different components.


That’s your alliances limit then…drop back down to 7* titans. Build up your hero rosters and get better, stronger.


or if you can take down regular 8s but not the rare, then simply let the rare one escape.



Raise your defense and decrease titan’s attack.


Items are key for these things. 12* rare titans will one-shot 5* heroes, so the pain scales as you move up.

  • Use bombs or axes to reduce the titan’s attack.
  • Use turtle or dragon banners to increase your team’s defense.
  • Use timestops to prevent the titan from casting. Use these selectively, remembering that it not only freezes the titan for 3 turns (and that is extended every time you achieve a stun), but also that it drains all the mana. So hold the timestop until the titan threatens to cast.
  • Bring antidotes in case you miss stopping a cast.

I generally do not use Wu Kong on non-purple rare titans. The consequences of missing a stun are too high. It’s more important to last the full 90 seconds, dropping tiles madly.


I have no problem with other rare 8☆ titans but with this dark one I just see its so much powrful.
My alliance is strong and the players ate strong.
But for Dark or light I don’t have enough good 4☆heros so I use mixed 3/4☆ teams.
Its not like go to weaker alliance.
I am F2P and been playing this game for over a year.
Its just I am not lucky in pulling heros.

I do use war tools in titans.

It just that darl rare is so OP than other rares.

Have a good day.

Here’s the issue: I’ve never been in an alliance where we didn’t rely extensively on battle items against titans. Surely you don’t use battle items farming, so battle items can only be used against titans, challenge events, or quests. You might need some in Rare Quests, but otherwise using battle items against titans is their highest and best use for most players. Give it a try. Tornadoes are addictive.

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Will its not like the boards are that bad, I am talking about surviving the titan’s attack.
But I eill use axes and bombs as some nice players said.
But thanks for the advice bro!

I don’t see how u could be using any three star heroes on anything…or at least nothing higher than 4 Barley 5 star totans

I don’t have dark/holy heros in 4☆ so I use a 3rd 3☆ hero to stack the colors.
Only have Li Xui and that useless banda in4☆
So I use Bane with them in dark titans.
You can tell that bane never survive 1strick but I just need his tiles.
But it would be great if the strick was not that hard any way.

At what moment do you use the antidote, I think I have been doing it at the wrong timing and wasting battle items for titans. Whats the best moment to shoot battle items

I will take the rare harpy over the rare tiger who has reposte anyday


When you are hit and get an ailment, right after that, you use the antidote…


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