Well that was a let down


So I finished the storyline and was expecting a good booty or hard to get item…nadda , what gives, there should’ve been something special!!!


Yeah, the story is a joke.


Yes… somewhat disappointing.

It has been mentioned before, so fortunately I knew what to expect. And boy, that last battle is a bit of a saga. (Not particularly difficult with the right team, but it really does go on for a bit). Silly that there is no real recognition for it.


The avatar of the big bad guy would’ve been nice.


I find it interesting that completing “Season 1” is in the Missions list but awards no gems as ALL the other Missions do. I suspect that there will be ex post facto awards given.


Add to that, after finishing the story, I was unable to play the provinces, we should be able to go back and re play in the provinces, hope they will fix this


You should be able to play Provinces except redoing Towers.


No good rewards, and the bad part, no more map for me , i regret finsihing the story, I also told my peers and friends NOT to finish prov 23-11, for it gives so little rewards and it will hinder you to play again the maps


i should, but when I go to the map, it only says Story season 1 completed and the map does not open. Stuck in there,.


Can you help me @Poofsta?? What to do???


Should I un install the game???


If you have linked your game to your FB account or the Google Play store, then you can do a uninstall/re-install. I’d make sure you write down your game ID# first, too.

You should also send a ticket to SG.


Yes I linked it to my Fb account and save to my google account also… Bout the ticket to sg??? Can you tell me how?


Or just tap on Map, then on a Province, then on a stage.

But honestly the proper solution for Draven is to uninstall the game.


Maybe I should un install the game, coz the provinces are not showing… Keep on tapping on the map but it seems stuck there


Can you make a screenshot and post is here?


Menu > Options > Support


You’re not tapping on the Map. The Map is a map in the lower left corner with the word Map under it.



That’s the Missions, not the Map.