Well thanks for making this decision easy for me

Going to keep this short and sweet.

I’m done with the general forum.

That is all.




Please don’t let some idiot who doesn’t appreciate your humor drive you away!


Well, can’t say i am surprised. Glad i made the wire and got to talk to you elsewhere too. Keep your sanity(who am i kidding? Your crazy as me.) it’s been nice talking with you and seeing you around. You are a good man. A damn good man


Come back and count with us or chat with us at coffee time. None of us are “general” or “regular” —- more like highly caffeined


wait, what?!?! noooooooooooooooooooooooooo


I already dropped down from posting about 100 times a day to maybe only 5 or 10, apparently that wasn’t enough. I’m being targeted by someone. I think I know who it is, but you know, forum rules…

Doesn’t matter.

I’ll still lurk in the private corners. Those of you who know where to find me, know where to find me. Those who don’t… just ask someone who does, and pass the message along.


Hey !! What’s this big fuss all about ?? Who’s the culprit this time ?? You can’t do that !! Get back here !!

I just suddenly remember a mod who was maybe disappointed when one of the poster complained about his usually-long opening but informative thread. Don’t tell me it’s that :poop:again? :scream::scream::scream:


20 very sad noooooooooooo’s


This is truly a loss for the forum. I would urge you to stay in the forum. You know that.

However, I do understand where you’re coming from.

I don’t know who that person is.

But I’m going to say this out loud for others to see and hear:

@TGW is one of the most honest persons on this forum.

@TGW - I’ll still hold on to the hope that you’ll return to the general forum. However, I would completely understand if you never do.

No matter what you choose, you’ll always be fondly remembered by many people here.

Cheers, mate!! :beers:


I volunteer to pass messages along ! i know where to reach you but we should let others access your wit and charm and insight too


Nah, don’t think it’s a mod. The mods are cool people. :+1:

Just a random user and maybe a couple of her friends who decided that most of my posts are “off topic.”. Which they probably mostly are. So I accept full responsibility for that. No arguments on my part.

But if I regularly drive through a neighborhood and occasionally don’t come to a complete stop at the stop sign… and there happens to be a nosy neighbor who calls the police on me every time… well, easiest solution is to just stop driving through that neighborhood. :smile:


Take care of yourself. Know that you’re appreciated by many here.

Whoever’s been targeting you can fall into a bottomless pit.


1 person?
You let yourself get chased away by one person?
Come on man, we need your sence of humor here :confused:.

I surely appreciate your open way of communication. You are one of the few who tell what is on their hart.


One person who is getting me into trouble, moderation wise. But I’m not supposed to talk about that.


I know it’s not the mod targetting you. That mod i was talking about took a break because a poster (not a mod) didn’t appreciate his efforts, blabbering about how lengthy that mod’s posts were.

At any rate, i respect your decision, mate. Thanks for making this forum a bit lighter.


Both @sleepyhead and @Saphirra know where to find me. :wink:


I think I know the mod you’re referring to. He’s cool people. I like him. I miss him. Wish he were still around. I wish a lot of our recently departed people were still around. I was already counting down my own days. Not for quitting the game itself - I’ll still play as a stubborn F2P going forward. But the forum is no longer fun or friendly for me and my kind, unfortunately.


100% not ok with this. This place needs your voice regardless of what one d hole thinks. I would much rather you tell me who this person is so I can publicly name and shame them and get myself kicked out of here. Even if I’m not allowed to be here anymore, the forum needs your point of view and your intellect. I will gladly jump on that grenade to keep you around. Don’t deprive the people by running. You’re a must have.

And I do not understand the logic. If someone has that much of a problem with what you have to say, all they have to do is block you. Whoever is deliberately trying to silence you is the one who should be leaving. That behavior is unacceptable.


This forum has not been the same since the francois debacle, anyone saying otherwise is lying to themselves. Good luck in your endeavors and please know that the “real” community actually appreciated everything u have given.


No can do on that front. For one thing, I’m not 100% positive that they are the culprit. I’ve made more than one enemy here. Just as some people think I’m running a cult of some kind with the coffee cups… there is also an anti-TGW group. And I’ve always respected their decision to disagree with my opinions. Everyone is equally entitled to an opinion. Do I wish that some people were a bit nicer when disagreeing with me? Of course. But in fairness, they could probably argue that I haven’t always been exactly “nice” to them either. I try to be…? But I’m oftentimes misinterpreted.

Doesn’t matter. I broke the rules. Went off topic. That’s fully my fault and I’ll own up to it, doesn’t matter who keeps reporting me… they’re right, I’m wrong. Suck it up, buttercup. Or in the words of the immortal @voidstrike… put the big boy pants on. Though I won’t deny that I’m quite tempted to just bend over and moon the idjits who have targeted me before I go. :grin: :moon:

Will still post in private quarters and on Discord, personal alliance chat etc. But I stand nothing to gain and everything to lose by continuing to take part in any other discussions here on the “regular” forum.