Well played SG.....well played

I call this one…“WELL PLAYED”

When you suspiciously give me 2 tiles of the mono color team I have to start a board…well played

When you let the titan get a final hit after time expires but I can’t hit back to get more points…well played

When all I need is a 1* feeder hero to ascend a 4* or 5* hero to the next level and I go to use a free summons you give me a 1* troop…well played

When I attempt to avoid hitting the enemy flanks and send a 3 tile cascade up the middle you suspiciously almost seemingly purposely make sure another match forms and hit one of the flanks simultaneously powering them up to most likely kill half my team…well played

When all I need is 1 ascension item (darts, tonics, scopes, rings, tabards) and you present me with sale that conveniently pops up that will only cost me $99…well played

When my most powerful hero is either average or slow speeds and you make sure that hero never get the tiles needed to power up when attacking a team with four if not all 5* fast heroes…well played

When I need a total of 10 ducks for the Path of Valor of daily challenges and you make sure no matter how many times I directly click or touch the ducks they almost escape before I can get that 10th one…well played

When I use a special skill that involves dot or blind and it somehow misses even tho the enemy doesn’t have resist or innate ability to that particular skill I used and I end up losing…well played

When I want to upgrade any of my buildings and it takes the equivalent of a kitten being born and becoming an adult for that building to complete…well played

SG…I’ve been playing for years and just realized while typing this up that all the above has caused me to spend $108,391.17 on E&P…again…well played


You’re kidding about the ducks…right?



Well played… RNG

Well played… titan mechanics that have been around since the start of the game

Well played… nothing? Just wait a minute to create a 1* feeder?

Well played… oh hello again, RNG. Did you also say well played RNG when a suspicious almost semeingly purposely formed cascade ends up killing all of your opponents whilst you were on the brink of death? No, I didn’t think you had.

Well played marketing arm of SGG, which you are free to completely ignore. And which I don’t think is actually able to read your mind and determine that you are desperately in need of an ascension at that particular point in time. I get these deals too. Regardless of whether I want to ascend someone or not. They come on a cyclical basis.

Well played… umm… you for not playing well? Synergise your teams better. If speed is an issue work on getting mana up. Go towards rainbow so there is less reliance on specific tiles. Choose less “powerful” heroes that work better. Come on man, you have been at it for 3 years you should know what to do!

Well played you for possibly the most ridiculous forum complaint of all time

Well played you for not paying proper attention and having an overactive imagination

Well playd SGG for the mechanism which has been around since the dawn of time. You signed up for it, you knew what it was virtually from day 1…

Well played you for a) having so much disposable income, or b) for the scope of your exaggeration, or c) for blaming others for your own decisions. Unless you have a genuine addiction problem in which case GO SEEK SOME HELP INSTEAD OF WRITING COMPLAINTS ON THIS FORUM


I must’ve been out of the game for too long now. I read thie OP and thought it was funny, a tongue-in-cheek kind of jab at SG. :thinking:


Hmm… possible. Maybe it was too subtle for my sense to detect.

I did keep hearing Allanis Morisette “Isn’t it ironic” looping in my head as I was reading it


I had just read the author of the OP on another thread. There they voiced some concerns about the game as well. They engaged in discussion with others and defended their position. So I believe them to be serious except the duck comment did give me pause for thought.


Fair enough. As I have no axe to grind anymore with SG, or the need to praise them either, I just read each OP and take it at face value. :slightly_smiling_face:

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A point by point rebuttal.
Well played, Homaclese.
Well played.


A nicely timed acknowledgment of my well played point by point rebuttal.
Well played, OG.
Well played.


I feel like there is one part of this thread we should explore, when op said he spent over 100k no one questioned if this was possible only if it happened…

Well played SG


Those Ferrari in the SG carpark don’t come cheap you know…


You know what bothers me the most it isn’t the man venting but the save a hoe response


I don’t really get this. Are there garden implements in danger?


You got me to read the whole complaint, top to bottom…well played! :wink:

(Oh look…kittens!) :grin:


Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was a joke post. I got a good laugh or two anyways.


You get the first so why does the last even matter. BTW, the Titan does not always get the last hit, it is timer driven.


I was thinking the exact same thing

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Save a hoe lmao. That made me laugh more then the OP.


I beg to differ. If you do not stun the titan on your last hit as the timer runs out, the titan will still attack you but then the fight is over. So, I do not see how this meaningless attack from the titan makes any difference or is even worth mentioning :man_shrugging:


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