Well I am putting this game away for awhile

I am done with this game for a long time. I spend way too much and get crappy heroes. I lose non stop even with teams one half my strength. I know they want me to lose so I get mad and spend even more, but after a year of this I am done for a long time. Good luck gaming. They should be more fair to everyone, not just a chosen few.


I’m relatively new to this game, and really enjoy the challenge of trying to beat harder (higher TP) teams, but also the comradearie of being in a great alliance - without the latter I wouldn’t be playing.

Not too sure who you’re implying, but I will admit, some days it’s like Christmas - pulling great heros from hero tokens (yay Hel), or unexpectedly winning against a team 500+ TP. Other days there’s nothing to celebrate (getting killed by one shot repeatedly in war, being on a terrible losing streak in raids, yelling at your phone and people start looking at you sideways).

However, I wish you well.


Well, some people don’t get this game. Don’t even exist such bad heroes to lose with opponents half of your strength. OK, some heroes are better than others, but actually, there are not bad heroes… just bad players. Good decision.


I also am done with this game but for slightly different reasons. I stopped raiding because I decided it did not advance my game play. I quit because I was obsessing! Listen, I was having fantasies about my fellow team players. I was using Excel spreadsheets to record every single hit in War, both enemy and friend. I kept attendance on Titan fights and booted anyone who missed several Titans. I would get a rush when my board was almost completely cleared by diamonds — literally, a rush. It was not healthy. I am slowly decompressing by playing Township. Hahaha! Now, I will unsubscribe from this forum and I sure hope they don’t send me another email.


You dont get it. I understand the game better than most

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This game needs luck.

Back to elimination games.
You’re never going to win all the time. You need to spend your energy playing the same level over and over again.
You even need to buy props to get through certain checkpoints.

The same is true of this game.

Wouldn’t it be better to be patient, to be restrained, not to spend too much money and you need to go out to see the beauty of the world?

I am a passer-by, I spent a lot of money, although satisfied, now my team strength is very strong, I only played for half a year. But now I think the game is boring, because I spend too much money, so I dare not give up the game.

This is my advice to you.

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Id’e say something more important then good heros, is the synergy between the heroes you are bringing. Personally if I were to lose against a team half my team power, I would not blame RNG.
It sucks to hear you are putting the game down for a while, it shouldn’t have gotten to that level. I fill raid chests twice a day but more so for fun, I know that even getting to a high rank I will still get dominated back down, and thats even while having a 4300k defence team.

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