Well done...S.G...!

but why…? Im thinking …this its the true …you are just changing the algoritm …so…if somebody…are seeing only one blue pieces …pls tell me…because im blind…!!

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Step 1: Move the red tile in column 2 down. This will clear three reds horizontally, then 3 purple tiles vertically, then 5 greens horizontally in the top row to make a green diamond.

Step 2: Set off the green diamond. This should cause a cascade that clears a lot of other dead tiles from the board.

Step 3: Bask in all the new blue tiles that should come in to replace the dead tiles you just cleared. If there aren’t any, try making another diamond to repeat the process until you do have blue tiles.


Bad boards happen…


I’m going to start using this as an expression instead of the the more common “s” happens :joy::rofl:


Give the guy a break, for a blind dude, you’re actually doing quite well!

I hear there’s a real market for for blind folks on those Got Talent shows, too. Maybe go on it and beat a titan.


Sorry man, I got em all


This game really needs trading…GEM Trading :smile:

Should have brought the blue team lol

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You guys just don’t know which heroes to take


loool that’s one dead looking Vivica


Second times a charm


TBH that’s not a terrible board. I define a bad board as one that you can’t really get moving.

Aside from what lexinen suggested you can also play it safe and hit the weak spot, by moving the 2nd top left green tile down. That will also create a green dragon right below it, which will also set off the red tiles on the other side of the board. Who knows what comes next :smiley:

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There’s 71 seconds of play that happened on that board already, so freezing the picture here is really uninformative.

  1. This reminds me of this thread: an in progress board where, a number of strong tiles were obviously already used, since the heroes in those colors have mana.

  2. This is good board. Besides the excellent combo that @lexinen recommended (which is a great move with huge tile clearance), you also have a combo that results in a stun available, by sliding the green tile in the seventh column down.


Any player can play with a good board, good players manipulate bad boards into wins :wink:


@princess1 that BBH can be a real ■■■■■■ :wink:

Looks pretty awesome, but leaded into a defeat. Later on, there wasn’t any stack matching tiles and Alby rezzed his whole team.

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@Olmor This may have something to do with the fact that your squad has less offensive capability than a box full of kittens, though. When Proteus is your big hitter…


A friend of mine sent me this screenshot recently, of one of his tournament matches in progress:

This one doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of good options, given the tourney is “no blue heroes” AND… well, if there is anything more than a couple of 3-tile blue matches in there with no obvious combo cascades, that is one of the most locked boards I’ve seen. :slight_smile:

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A1 down, then C4 left looks reasonable. But yeah, it’s not fun.

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