Well based on my roster, A thought experiment

So brought about by the current discussion re Krampus and whether OP/ needs nerfed etc (not the topic of this thread) I thought this might be an interesting little thought experiment.

First person posts a line up, and then you reply with what team you would use based on your roster if you had to face it . Giving some details as to why you picked the heroes you picked. Where you think you are strong, what your weaknesses are etc.

Then you pose a new line-up. Next reply firstly comments on the team you’ve chosen and offers suggestions about what could be improved.

Hoping to get past the usual Nerf/ just get better arguments, and a bit more hero discussion and advice.

So I will start. As there is no previous post the line-up I will give myself to face is:


This team worries me because I am weak in Green to begin with, and the Ursena is cutting down the possibility of bringing yellow to use up tiles against Odin. And then of course there is Krampus being Krampus, Frigg possibly annihilating me and Gefjon lowering the boom on the far end.

Team I would use:

My main hope would be to try to delay things long enough with LotL and Proteus whilst taking out some with the heavy hits from Cos Sartana and Kingston. Eventually working back to Krampus and Odin at the end.

My issues are no cleanser so def down from Frigg followed by later hits would wreck me. Also if had to be clearing out lots of yellows due to a problematic starting board I’d be in a world of hurt. My team would need tiles early or I’d be dead.

So next up can have this line-up to face:

Kilhare-LotL-Black Knight-Cobalt-Drake

@moderators not sure if you think this is better suited for community content section.

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