Well advanced player kicked down to beginner. Same acct#, new player, same name


Level 40+ player bumped down to newbie, level 1. Same acct. #••••. What’s up, and can they restore me to my alliance?


Contact support


Small suggestion: remove your account number here :wink:


Are you kidding? And then I thought, maybe not & tried everything. When I opt for support, it brings me back here. Actually, it says I am logged in as Nice Rebelxxxx.(numbers) then takes me to JaguarCubb. So maybe they want me to quit because I don’t spend $$.


Hi there! A couple things:

  1. Do not post your account number on the Forum as we do not ever want someone other than you in possession of your information.

  2. Please carefully read this:

  1. If you click my original FAQ link, and read it, it says:

If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll find a link to contact support: