Welcome to the 7Titans Family

We’ve got 4 spots opening in

      ⚔️ 7TITANS WEST ⚔️

This branch is for active, daily players who are level 50+ and have a fair idea of what they are doing in regards to defense and attack strategies. Sitting around Top 300, West branch are adult English speaking members from all around the world, who keep it respectful and friendly. They are a long standing alliance with strong leadership and don’t tolerate any carry on… No politics, no religion - no drama. Titan hits when logging in are expected and you must use those flags if you opt in to war :blush:. That’s it, easy peasy.

War is a free-for-all style attack to keep it rl friendly, and they play around with the unified defense. West are stringing 14’s so you can’t be titan shy! No roster requirements - our only expectation are those involving teamwork -

:fire: hit the titan when you log on
:fire: Use you war flags when opting in
:fire: Use your flags/energy on alliance event and mythic (those with “alliance” rewards)
Everything else, you do you :v:

Joining the 7Titans discord server is required because communication is key to a successful, smoothly run alliance. There we can ping members when the board is flipped or a titan needs a bit of work, but mostly, it is a place where all the 7Titans alliances can come together to share info, guides and chat about heroes and strategy and the game we’ve invested in! Jump on our server (invite link below) and ask for KoolAid or flimchop. :blush:

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