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It’s funny how via text somebody can see emotion…SMH stop assuming…the first 3 letters of that word becomes of you when you do.

If you dont like what you read then dont read it and keep it moving inside the “community forum”

If you don’t like an opinion, pls attack the opinion.

Call it stupid, or give a reason why, but, pls, attacking poster for no reason is …

Again, a post with no reason.

Explain how something works.

The reason why I’m upset with raid shields is that I can’t revenge those who have raided me and then put a shield up. I’m waiting for a guy who did exactly that but his shield is still up. He’s not away from the game, he was online several times that I looked. He just has his shield up.

So I in fact have to pay for others’ shields because I have to spend my ham in finding not shielded opponents just to fill my raid chest.

And to wait for the shield to go off is fruitless if it is a 7d shield. He will be out of my watchtower by then.

Technically - as you can stack those shields - someone could buy 3x 4h shields and would be shielded for 12 hours. The cooldown phase would be another 12 hours, right? So while he’s sleeping his cups are protected, while he’s awake he could do raids to fill his chest and then buy another 3x 4h shields during the night. An so on…and so on…

In other games raid shields make sense because when you’re attacked you loose a lot of resources. But in this game you don’t loose resources, only cups. Your resources still stay with you no matter how often you get raided.

So for me raid shields in this game don’t make sense because you only loose cups. And cups are mostly for pride and vanity. Of course Alliance Scores are affected by the cups as well but you can easily regain the cups you lost overnight by doing some revenges/raids.

And there’s still the feeling of unfairness by being attacked but cannot attack back. If the shields would allow revenges the whole matter would be different but as it is now I think the whole balance and dynamics of this game has changed - and not to the better imo.


Dayum this is getting out of hand.

First - 2800 trophies is diamond, not platinum. It’s also on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of top rankings.

Second, people at 2800 aren’t losing 600 cups in 12 hours.
Highest I’ve ever gotten is 2520 cups. I don’t belong in diamond Cos my defense isn’t on the same level as the players up there. Generally I lose 100-300 cups overnight, but that definitely makes filling the chest in the morning easier.

There’s enough f2p or c2p who won’t see value in the raid shields and won’t buy them, so I still have plenty of people to raid for 40+ cup gains.

Summary is that my lineup isn’t strong enough that I can hold diamond tier. I can normally reach it in somewhere between 3 and 6 raids and open my chest in diamond. Then I get smacked back to where I belong.

Raid shields stop others growing their own cups but only offer limited protection to your ranking - you can still be passed, you just won’t lose any cups.

It makes people who’s cup count is important to them more able to keep them. It has very minimal effect on others…

This pleases some members of the community without negatively affecting others.

At least this was a new twist on the old “omfg raids are bs” argument