Welcome to pay 2 play

Where you can now purchase Raid Shields and place money in the developer’s pockets so you can keep your trophies from raids and take other people’s trophies with no repercussions while simultaneously holding your rank on the leaderboard.


signed… p2p players


Sorry my friend but remember, u cant atack too, if u enter on duel the shield its broken. But yea sucks because somebody with money can up cups and buy shield to protect them.

So what? Cups don’t matter. Places on the leaderboards don’t matter. Hell, you don’t even get a new avatar for hitting #1. So why worry about it?


Might not matter to you but it does to some. You’re entitled to your opinion but make no mistake…it doesn’t matter either…just like those trophies you speak of.

The shields seem wasteful and I doubt many will utilize them long term. So you can artificially stay # 1/10/50 for a little longer in the rankings. You can’t raid and others can still overtake you by beating others.


Well, isn’t it grand that people who want to pay for nothing more than bragging rights can now do so, and those of us who don’t have our egos wrapped up in a phone game don’t have to?


Complaining just to complain at this point.

Can’t agree with this more. Let them pay to protect their cups!
F2P needs p2p or there wouldn’t be a game…

If they got benefits like free heroes/items/ascension mats then I might feel different, but even then if I wanted extra benefits its my choice to pay or not pay.

And I don’t get mad at an airline for the same thing “you bunch of jerks only care about money. It’s bs that a person with more money gets a business/first class seat. That’s not fair. What about us cheap 2 fly people up the back??”

If you want communism where everything is exactly equal for everyone, you probably wouldn’t have mobile games


This is one of the greatest logical responses I’ve ever seen haha. Thank you for making my day :joy:. SGG should take note of this and use it as a standard template response for 95% of complaints :joy:. I love that there is still a F2P option and as you said, this is thanks to those wonderful P2P guys. They can keep their raid shields and if they sit at number 1 for 6 weeks, I for one will give them a well deserved slow clap haha. Great airline example too btw. You get a slow clap too :clap:


I hit the top 100 regularly, and have broken into the top 10 a few times on a good day. I also don’t see any personal need for raid shields - while raiding isn’t my passion in the game, I do like the occasional good pieces of loot I get out of the chests.
The way I see it, if someone wants to spend gems on protecting their cups, more power to them. But I feel personally that the cost of not raiding and missing out on those resources outweighs the benefit of not losing cups. The only benefit I see in cups for myself is the loot level, so raid shields are a bit pointless since they block me from taking advantage of the only tangible benefits actually having those cups brings.


Agreed. This has been the opinion of many others. At the end of the day most people want to raid to fill their hero chest. I think eventually people will only use it when they genuinely leave for a period of time or if they just want to feel a bit of pride for a little while. Abusing it negatively impacts you rather than benefits.

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The airplane example was exactly opposite of good…

WHY???..you may ask…

Because the people in first class dont get to come back to the “cheap” section and snatch away your drink while you’re in the bathroom because they paid more money for their ticket than you.

If they want to raid then they should be only able to raid other people with raid shields.

“HEY BUDDY THAT MAKES NO SENSE!”…uhhhh…yeah it does if the developers designed it that way…quite simple actually…

People with raid shield = only be able to raid and be raided by other people with raid shileds.

People without raid shields = can not be raided by or raid people with raid shields

Both people can stay within their own lane of raids.

really?..why?..because nobody would purchase them then and SG wouldnt make any extra money from it?..ok…simple fix…

Incorporate a special chest that holds “a chance” for an item (1 or more) that can bypass the shield of a person that raids you and that item can only be used for 1 raid revenge…or how ever many you get from the chest.

Its ways of doing things so everybody is on the same level of the playing field.

The P2P guys get their raid shields…the victims of raids get their shield bypass item chest and the developers make money…everybody wins

NOTE: …Only players without raid shields get the special chest that holds a chance for the shield bypass item.

Why are people so worried and mad about the shields when they’re only usefull if you want to keep your trophy count intact, not your position in top 10 or whatever. If a player gets 3000 trophies and is a top #1, buying a shield only protects those 3000 cups not the numer 1 spot, other players can easly jump to #1 by beating other players. To be #1 you don’t need to beat the current #1, you just need to have more cups than them.


This to a 100%. People complaining the most might not even be „effected“

It’s really not about being at the number 1 spot. The amount of trophies determine the arena you fight in. So say you’re in the platinum arena and have 2800 trophies…and you dont play the game for say 12 hours …and in those 12 hours you lose 600 trophies and guess what…the people that raided you all had raid shield for the next 7 days…guess what…

Those trophies are gone and you’ve been knocked down to the platinum arena…now let’s say you recover some by doing some raids of your own but you lose another 600 overnight while you slept…to people with raid shield…well what do we have hereee???..ohh… look…THATS 1200 trophies gone and you cant do anything about and now your in the gold arena trying to fight your way back up to the top…meanwhile the people raid shield are maintaining their rank and trophies while they’re away offline.

Also…what you stated made no sense whatsoever.

If a person is ranked #1 with say 4500 trophies and raid shield and goes offline…he cant be raided…if he cant be raided…he cant lose his #1 or trophies…

A person with 4500 trophies is not gonna go offline #1 and come back 12 hours later still having 4500 trophies but ranked 57th

Go to the leaderboard and name one person that has less trophies than the person ranked UNDER them…you cant because they’re is none…WHY???..because the amount of trophies you have DOES in fact have an effect on your ranking.

You didnt really think that one thru when you typed it huh?

You don’t understand how this works, do you? Differences in number of trophies in the top 100 are minimal. Matching range in raiding is 300 trophies. Person ranked #23 (let’s say 2600 trophies) can easily go to the top winning with other players and getting their cups score high. You don’t need to beat (fight) #1 to be #1, you need to win enough raids with other people to get more trophies than the #1.

In other words: if person ranked #1 goes offline for a week and buys a shield they’re out of raiding (they can’t be fought, they can’t lose their cups but can’t gain any either). But other people still can raid and a week is just enough time to gain a lot of trophies. If number #1 is frozen with 2800 cups, and you’re #7 and have 2700 cups, a week is just enough time for you to raid other players, win raids and gain 200 cups (now you have 2900 so more than the previous #1 who has only 2800).


Chill out man. Throwing shade at other players and getting angry isn’t gonna get you anywhere in a community forum

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As people with raid shield can’t raid anyone, it’s clear that you are whining about a thing you don’t even know how it works.

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This is a very good point

My take is if someone wants protect what they have for awhile good for them.
But those who want to be better in raids will want more cups, can’t do that with a shield in place.
It’s not something I will bother with, I like my revenge raids.