Welcome to Jurassic Perk - the Dinosaurs of E&P ☄️ NOW INCLUDES PTEROSAURIAN!


@zephyr1 tasked me with this thread. I take my paleontology fairly seriously, but feel free to drop in some ridiculousness as well.

This thread will only deal with non-avian dinosaurs. Macaws, magpies and other creatures based on extant avian dinosaur species aren’t included.

So, are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.


This animal is clearly based on the Jurassic Classic Stegosaurus. Stegosaurus was the largest of the stegosaurs and its name means ‘roof lizard’ because the plates were originally imagined to lie across it’s back like armour.

The true use of the plates isn’t known, however defence is actually an unlikely reason because they were not connected to the body by any robust means. Increasingly, appendages on dinosaurs are thought to be for attracting a mate, such as the large human that @kayo wears as a head crest.

Myth busting: Stegosaurus did not have three brains as listed in some old books.



This creature is named after the Dromaeosaurus, a small theropod thought to be an ancestor of more derived raptors such as Velociraptor and Deinonychus.


That being said, the art shows the animal without a sickle claw common to this family. The animal depicted is more closely based on compsognathus, a tiny chicken sized predator which featured in Jurassic Park 2.

Myth busting: the Velociraptor shown in Jurassic Park are actually Deinonychus. The author, Michael Crichton stated that he just thought the name was cool.


It’s a T-Rex… right? Wrong! This animal has three fingers and Tyrannosaurus only has two. But it does have the robust U-shaped jaw of the tyrannosaur, unlike the more laterally compressed, narrow bite of earlier Theropods like Allosaurus.
So, perhaps it’s a more basal animal such as Dasplatosaurus?

Myth busting: the idea that Tryrannosaurus hunted on sight alone is absolute bunkum - the animal had the largest olfactory bulb of any known animal, demonstrating that smell was an important part of it’s arsenal.

Alpha Carnosaurian

Another very robust looking derived theropod, this creature appears to have a very sturdy back and hindquarters.

A dinosaur that matches this profile could be Acrocanthosaurus, a predator with large neural spines thought to support a fatty hump along it’s spine. The purpose of this hump is unknown but could be an energy store or, again, used to attract the opposite gender.


For anyone interested in further reading, I commend to you the superb Prehistoric Wildlife it’s not the most glamorous website, but it’s incredibly thorough.


N.B. Pterosaurs are not dinosaurs. Or even related to them. They are purely contemporaneous.

The creature depicted above is an amalgamation of both the basal features of ramphoryncids such as tails and teeth, and the more derived features of the later pterodactylus family such as the headcrest found in the popular pteranodon.


There is speculation and practical experimentation around the mechanics of Pterosaur flight with current thinking being that they would sit back on their haunches and then launch themselves forward without a run up, probably from cliff tops.

Debate is most fierce around the feeding practices of the very largest flying creatures Quetzalcoatlus and Hatzegopteryx. These mind bogglingly huge animals, as tall as giraffe, may have eaten like storks, however there is evidence also that they were perfectly capable of flight.



JB, is the title meant to say Perk or Park?

I was under the impression that there is one school of thought that the plates on the back of Stegosaurus, aside from being a buffer zone between a predator’s jaws to its fleshy backside, could be used for temperature regulation/insulation, much like the sails of a Dimetrodon.


Perk. I don’t want Steven Spielberg coming after me with another law suit.

Yes, that’s still a possibility. As with Dimetrodon and Spinosaurus, there’s still a lot of speculation. And it might have served both purposes.


It’s everything I hoped for and more. :t_rex: :heart_decoration:


Is there anything @JonahTheBard does not know?
You are an encyclopedia.
Is there any proof you are a real human and not an out-of-time year 1000 after E&P futuristic android?


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Dig it!
I love the dinosaurs in this game, I think we need some dino heroes. Maybe season 3?!?!?!




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Amazing initiative @JonahTheBard! Although I must say the Stegosaurus got it a bit wrong there, thinking that loosely attached bony plates would be more attractive than three brains. On the other hand, Acrowhateversaurus and their fatty back humps might have missed the mark as well…

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Surely you’re not body shaming this guy, he’s very sensitive :yum:


I’d never! Beauty has as many manifestations as there are beating hearts.

Will there be a S2 about fish and seahorses :D?


Not my department, I’m afraid. Is there a marine biologist in the house??


I dare you to explain me this:


It’s a bit corny, so I won’t mince my words. They all died out when the weather got too chilli.



Did you forget the Pterosaurian of S2?


No, I’m being obnoxiously pedantic about it because pterosaurs aren’t dinosaurs.

My eldest son is Dino mad and I get very annoyed at how so many books, films and products play fast and loose with zoological classification. Pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, icthyosaurs, synapsids and ruddy woolly mammoths aren’t dinosaurs!!

I have done the screenshot already and I will stop being a silly self-important smuglette soon and do a paragraph.


Another eh, it has happened before huh? Did he come after you because you “almost” made Indiana Jonesy: Burglars of the Lost Barge?

Truth be told, even though I loved dinosaurs as a child, growing up I never researched / looked further into them to know they are technically not dinosaurs (same goes for Plesiosaurs, Ichthyosaurs) until just googling them up just now. I’d understand someone who’s had much more research into the subject would feel annoyed at facts being misinterpreted by media to the masses.

But I guess think of it this way, if all they ever cared about are the ground dwelling “dinosaurs,” people might start wondering, so um, the land is pretty alive, but what’s going on during this Triassic -> Cretaceous period in the skies / oceans… Can’t exactly tell them, oh, there were no “dinosaurs” there, so let’s not pay attention to what’s happening in the ocean and skies. Hence, the movie overall is called Jurassic Park, not Dinosaur Park. Sure, they may have misclassified and mis-grouped them with dinosaurs, but doesn’t mean they are any less exciting.

Did you know my favorite Dinosaucer was not Allo, not Bronto Thunder, not Tricero, but Icthy?


That is a great point. And they were discovered first.

Shame SG didn’t put some in the underwater levels.

Most of the animals in it are from the Cretaceous…a whole new topic to get triggered by!


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