Welcome our new moderators!

@Petri In keeping with my reputation, I greatly appreciate that you used the existing thread for announcement of new moderators, instead of creating a duplicate. :face_with_monocle:

And, naturally, per Forum Rule #98, I can just quote @Kerridoc to express my feelings about this opportunity to contribute to the community:

(And, of course, @Gryphonknight had a well-organized and cogent response to that post, that I greatly appreciate)

Though it’s been questioned whether my hat is up for the job:

…I can nonetheless reaffirm:

So, I invite you all to join me, the other mods (@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky), and the ever-helpful @FraVit93 in contributing to the organization of the forum:

And lastly, may I say, I hope you’ve enjoyed this self-indulgent bit of performance art.

…and see you around the forum! :sparkling_heart: