Welcome back beloved colors!

I want to be the first one to say welcome back to our regular colorful castle.

Welcome back beautiful :heart_eyes:
Indeed been missed out after our long winter and snow :wink:


is there a hurricane season? :smirk::smirk:


Yes, I think the winter whites were a bit more graphic intensive than the original. The scrolling around the base is much smoother now.

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Spring is in the air :grinning::smiley::smile:

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I was so used to the snow. Seeing the default base feels so strange now. Double strange since there wasn’t much snow this winter, but now that E&P is back to normal it has been snowing all day.

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Don’t know what you got until its gone haha :). I started missing the classic empire recently aswell, and Layla on the loading page!


Ditto, I am so glad Layla is back on my daily loading screen so I don’t have to see Buddy again.


I hated winter version too. Almost 800 summons and no Guin or Kage, so I hope this new update brings me better luck

800? Dam, my condolences. You must of gotten some new 5* heroes though, right?

Yeah I got 4 Musashi, 2 Athena and 3 Mitsuko (4 Evelyn too) and ALL possible 4*. But all of them were dupes… so I had nothing to show. Didn’t get Kage, Guin or Morgan, that were the ones I didn’t have yet.

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