Welcome 49ersFan1949

My name is Kyle aka 49ersFan1949. I am very brand new player. I would appreciate any feedback to improve my gaming experience.

Thank You so much

Welcome. My advise is to find a peer support chat in game, they can help you out with a lot. Or else look under the players guide here on the forum.

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Thank You advice @TKristensen

When you are ready to join an alliance, check out several. Don’t jump Into the first one on the list. Make sure you find one that is designed to teach new players and help them grow

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Hi Kyle!

Welcome and enjoy the game. :slight_smile:

There is a Player Guide section of this forum where you can find the whole bunch of advices. :wink:

I’d say this:

  1. Thus fame requires lots of patience. You can’t run faster than your angel can fly.
  2. Think twice before investing money into the game. Money might help you progressing faster, but it is always a lottery. You hardly ever get exactly what you want. For many people it is the most disappointing aspect of the game.

Good luck.


Absolutely echo that about the money @49ersFan1949. You very, very rarely get to choose exactly what you get. Understand the odds before using your hard-earned cash.

But there’s a great community to help you :grin: