Weird tournament scores

This tournament has gone well for me so far. Undefeated on offense, defense holding at B.

What I can’t figure out is the gap between my score and the top of the leaderboard, and why I’m not being given higher-point teams to fight.

Here’s the leaderboard—top player is at 9310. Assuming they got an A defense bonus of 900 last night, this means they’ve had an average score per raid of 841:

Which is much higher than anything I’ve seen, even though I’m undefeated and the scores I’m seeing have stagnated:

And it’s not as though these defenses have been walkovers:

So developers: how can there be such a huge gap among undefeated players? If the top-ranked players are earning 840 points per attack, why am I stuck at 670 and below? My alliance mates also report being stuck in this range.

Something’s not right.


I am not that good as you but I totally agree. BTW I wondering in general why I get less points for defense and attack as others. Tournament s are designed to give chance to everyone by limited use of heroes but I feel disadvantaged as well.


@Kerridoc what about your defense? have a look over there, maybe the Top players are class A from day 1 on and you have been defeated more than you won

This has happened in many previous tournaments and all the times the leaderboard was manually adjusted.

Still the issue keeps appearing.

For that particular case, 9316 points - 900 points for an A grade on day 1 means that player scored 8416 points from offense on days 1-2

Of course an average score of 8416 / 10 = 841 points per attack is ridiculous

Even if we apply @Wondermoose scoring progression, the attacks had to be something like

811 - 818 - 825 - 832 - 839 - 845 - 851 - 858 - 865 - 872

With a starting point of 811 and a wall near 872. Again ridiculous.

It was suggested that kind of scores are due to the player getting somehow 5 extra attacks.

That being the case we have 8416 / 15 = 561

Which is a much more reasonable score per attack. But with that defense TP, that player should be paired with teams that grant around 660 points.

So my hypotesis is that that player used 10 attacks, got 4 defeats in offense, renewed all the strikes by paying gems and somehow the 5 attacks were also renewed.

@Petri can you check this out? Is there a possibility that if you renew your 4 strikes with gems, your 5 attacks also get renewed?


I’ve been at B, so losing 300 points/day relative to an A defense. Not enough to explain the gap.

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