Weird skill wording

I have a question for y’all about the way the devs worded something. The Sand Empire summons all have this skill which is worded a bit weird. They say “The target gets -50% decrease for any healing received for two turns”. This sounds odd because if the heroes were to get a 50% decrease for any healing, then we would expect them to receive 50% less healing. However it isn’t worded like that, it says they will get -50% decrease.

I am by no means a mathematician, but a simple equation for the way it is worded could be “ X = Y - (Y*-50%)”, Y being the healing that they are originally supposed to receive, and X being what they actually receive. If you change it to the way it should be worded, it would look like this “ X = Y - (Y*50%)”. Now let’s do the math for each. Let’s say the hero is supposed to get 50 health. In the 1st equation they would end up getting 75 health, a 50% increase. In the 2nd one they would end up getting 25 health, a 50% decrease.

Edit: I fixed the equation. My math 80 instructor would be so proud :wink:


You’re correct, the wording is supremely awkward and in fact is a double negative (which normally results in a positive).

It was pointed out a little while back but obviously hasn’t been changed.


Yep it’s like saying I didn’t do nuthing and not realising it means you did something and you are probably the murderer


There was already a discussion on this on a thread I can’t seem to find. Since this thread is better discussed in Sand Empire 2020 - Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion and Links - Starts June 29, can we please merge this there?

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I was actually thinking about the positive result first, but then when I plugged the numbers in my formula it showed the result being -25. I am sure my formula isn’t correct for the way they have it worded. I’m glad to see this isn’t like the other thing I “noticed”!

I think I see how it could def result in a positive. A negative decrease would be an increase.


I think it’s sufficient of a bug to remain as a standalone thread


In fact SG just change it to awkward word. The old version wasn’t like this.

Last year it was -75% increase for any healing received.

They should have use: 75% decrease for any healing received.


Yea, that is weird too. If they would have said that they get 25% healing, it would mean that they don’t get 75% of the total. But since the negative sign was there it looks like it meant that they have health taken away (because they received a negative, kinda like when you take on someone else’s debt). They were definitely over complicating it with the negative sign.

This issue was raised re another hero previously.

I agree that the descriptions could be worded better.

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Not to beat a dead horse, but this morning the equation this should be popped in my brain, so I edited this post to reflect it. :slight_smile:

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