Weird Matchmaking War

Hey there I have a bit of issue due to matchmaking system.
Why my team with 12 people who war with a team consist of 14 people but our score is totally higher than team with 14 people. It’s unfair cause 14 people can score higher than 12 people (basic logic) and have more chance to wipe us out. It’s weird for me even I saw someone get 700 score which ridiculous. It’s not supporting the team who has less people. Seems like more disadvantages to us.

Like examples team with 12 people. The score for wipe one people can be like 130 to 140.

But for team with 14 people only 100-110.

Its surely disadvantage for team with 12 people can the team with 14 people have 2 people advantage (12 flags) and you even buffed him by giving more score by killing team with 12 people

According to the devs, the matchmaking algorithm de-rates the war score of the smaller alliance in matchmaking a war like this. So the theory is that you’ll have meaningfully stronger benches to make up for having fewer teams.

I’m not clear on how well this works in practice, because the war score also includes past performance on the last 10 wars. So if you have several wins under your belt, it seems like you could end up with a very difficult match.

The match looks quite decent based on the interleaved ranking table. You’re not getting crushed, especially considering that they are worth fewer points per team. You all are actually outperforming them in the fighting based on that. But not by enough to win.

Which really sucks. If you outperform your opponents, that ought to equal a win. Looks pretty frustrating.

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The word you said de rate turns out increase the score of the fewer teams which I can’t understand it

Like in the pic, my team which represent fewer team. My friend has 140. If enemy can strike him that quite a lot of score for them and they have 2 more players than us

On the other hand (14 people) team only 114 if cleans out. Which is quite different

And the team power not yet so different

De-rate means reduce based on the difference in strength.

So as an example, if your war score is 1000 and you have 12 people, they might reduce it to 12/13 = 923 for matching with an alliance with one extra player, and 12/14 = 857 for matching with an alliance with two extra players.

If you have a true war score of 1000 and match with an alliance with a war score of 857, then you are the stronger alliance, but have fewer teams.

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