Weird Luck of Pulling, any guess?

Now now, I wouldn’t start this with a negative tone outright, but rather a curious ones and would love to see how the crowd would react.

I have set my eyes on this month’s HOTM and have been saving up 50k gems, 6600 Valhalla coins, 20 EHT, 700 Atlantis coin, 120 Challenge Coin, 900 Legends Coin, 4400 Tower Coin, 4100 Underwild Coin just for Devana. That’s 199 free pulls + 50k of gems to pull (ballpark of 150 pulls and more) = 350 pulls.

To date, I have used;

  • 20,000 Gems (60+ pulls?)
  • 6,600 Valhalla Coins (66 pulls)
  • 20 EHT (20 pulls + 5 from newly dropped coins)
  • 120 Challenge Coin + another 60 bought from deals (18 pulls)

That’s 169 pulls (or slightly more) and it nets me (Never gotten before);

  • 2 Odin
  • 1 Heimdall
  • Black Knight
  • Guinevere
  • Roc
    (It’s late last month, but I managed to pull Hannah from 10 pulls as well)

… and zero Devana with Legends Tower, Ninja and Underwild event to go.

I’ve managed to pull Elradir in 20 pulls, Frosth in 30 pulls, Uraeus in 50+ pulls, Bertilla in about 130 pulls ± on previous months (skipped Malicna and Yang Mai)

This begs the question: do you guys think it’s gonna be impossible to pull Devana this month with all the luck I have used up previous HOTM and also possibly this month’s hero? I fully understand this game is pure RnG, but I can’t help feeling there’s another plot in play to balance things out.

Or I’m just being negative considering Devana is overrated?


Gamblers Fallacy in full effect.

You haven’t “used” your luck at all as luck isn’t quantifiable in the slightest.

Each time you hit the pull button it’s a 1-100 shot at Devana. There’s no rhyme nor reason to getting a HOTM quick, slow or not at all.

The idea that we use some mythical store of luck is just the product of the brain trying to bring order to chaos.


Yeah I know, hence the quote below;

Nonetheless, good return?

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You just described a similar situation that I have faced for HOTM pulls. I was aiming to get all 5 HOTMs that give small amount of mana = latest 5 ending with Devana, to prepare my elemental teams with each HOTM to try out 4-1 / mono teams in near future.

  • I missed Malicna despite 180 pulls. (My 1st HOTM miss in 19 months of playing…)
  • Got 2 Frosths in about 100 pulls. 1st came early on 10x
  • Got 2 YangM in about 150 pulls. Both came very late at the end.
  • Got 3 Elradirs in about 200 pulls. First came after 150 pulls, then 2 more fast.
  • No Devana till 100 pulls = Got 2 Odins from Valhalla & Rana, Yunan (via 60 EHTs). Then later Devana came at the end from a coin got completing map stages & gnomes. Later got another Devana from from few more EHT pulls of Sand Empire.

I have however, in the last 5 months got many good heroes = higher than that mentioned legendary % from every event / portal… The weird thing is : MOST of those heroes were duplicates : LoLo, LaLo, Odin, Russula, FriGG, Skadi, Mitsuko, Alfrike, Master Lepus, Akkorog, Bobo…= No so excited, as Rarely do I level up a duplicate, due to scarcity of mats !

In my experience, there is no logic, but just luck of the pull !

Good luck with Devana, a good HOTM !


So it’s not just me! I’d say I’ve experienced very similar case to you as well! Hence this post. Zero Bertilla, until the last 10 pulls nets me 2 Bertilla straight.

SG works in mysterious ways. Looking forward to more disappointment by end of this month when I ended up with zero gem, zero coins and no Devana!

Can’t complaint though, BK, Odin and Hannah completes my rainbow defense.


I mentioned in another post. Devana has been escaping me as well. I did 40 pulls on knights of Avalon chasing LotL and ended up with 2 Arthur, but no Devana. Still got some summons to do, hoping I don’t miss her. Not gonna sweat it if I do though, have lots of great yellow and she’s not that gamebreaking.


There’s not really any more to be said on the subject than what Ched already wrote

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Though easier said than done, please avoid negativity when you do pulls, just believe & do the pulls.

Again, good luck getting Devana, I find her worth it !

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I havo other strange kind of luck - I am lucky for HOTMs. I am CTP, so I do around 20-30 pulls per month, but since Raffaelle, I didn’t get only 4 Hotms (yes, I have Devana already). I have 11 HOTMs, but on the other hand from basic pull I had only 5 legendary heroes (including S1 heroes). This is strange, because chances to get HOTM from additional pull is 1,3%, whereas chances to get 5* hero from basic pull is 2,5% (including S1 herose), so the amount of HOTMs/ other heroes I got should be quite the opposite.

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Yeap, hence I started it with a curious tone rather than disappointing sad tone XD

So does the entire game, yet people still writes it anyways.

If I was f2p, last month would have been the best month for me as I got three heroes from free pulls.

Free keys to get C Thorne, Ariel from HA10 and C Rana from a free EHT. Was a tryhard for starfall and underwild. Struggled really hard just to barely get out 2 legendaries (zuri and russula) on the last day of those events.

It’s a sign that being a tryhard nets you nothing, like this month. 300+ bucks spent just to get nothing but 4 devanas. Just go with the flow and get everything for free.

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I am mostly FTP but occasionally a CTP buying those $1 gem offers on the events or the buy gem and gift gems to alliance offers.
I would say have bad pulls most of the time like many others here, but then I get a spur of good pulls mostly on free pulls.
I was running dry for 8 months with only 1 random HOTM pull, but last 3 months when I did 0 spend, but used the tokens keys and season coins, I pulled some good heros. C Thorne, C Domitia, Panther, Mitsuko and Dr Moreau. all single pulls with the respective currencies. I dont believe in luck. Its pure randomness. We just attribute that randomness to Good or bad Luck as that how we are trained to look at them.


Got that vibe as well. When I’m not trying, they come like freebies.

All I can say is: You guys are crazy and filthy rich summoning more than a hundred times praying to get the HOTM!

And I don’t mean it in a bad way. I just admired the “collector” character in you. I wish I could do that. Regrettably, I can’t… financially. I may only able to summon 2 or 3 single pulls in challenge event portals every month and maybe less than that for the S2, S3, S4 and other events portals. I can only summon much during the 4 seasonal portals after hoarding tons of EHTs rewarded from various sources (though I am skipping the SandEmpire for 2 years, including the current one as costumes for Rana and Yunan doesn’t amaze me).

Oh, man… I cannot save that much gems even if I play this game for 1 or 2 years as F2P. Are you sure you didn’t buy some of them?

You’ve got incredible luck on your side though, your roster competes with the very best from top whales. :wink:

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I don’t buy those 99 or even 79 dollars deal. Often I snap up those cheap deals with higher gem instead of mats and items. Hoard those for months since last year! It’s accumulative, not saved and bought up in a month.

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You have used your luck for 2 Odins. 1 Heimdall ( lucky u dont get GOD FISH ) and 1 BK. the three heroes are A+ class heroes. Gratz buddy!

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That’s the thing! Is SG going to punish me by not giving me Devana? Seems like it!

I did a lot of pulls in March for Malicna , I didn’t get her but in next month I got 3 Frosth. It’s just random. Sometimes even single pull
Is enough to get HOTM. Don’t try to chase her just do your regular summons :slight_smile:

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