Weird issue with Richard and allies dying or enemies reviving upon full mana

I’ve seen a strange issue when playing with/against Richard but can’t always duplicate it. In some cases, my Richard will die without cause when he attacks with full mana. In this example (war battle) the turn before this screenshot, I killed Kelile, Rigard then activated his special, Kelile revived and my Richard died.


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It appears that the scenario you have described is somewhat strange. Firstly, Kelile is a rogue and may only dodge special skills by nature of her talent. She does not have the revive talent owned by fighter heroes. What may have happened is that the dying Kelile was able to dodge the special attack against her but Rigard’s heal over time (HoT) was able to add some health on her.

Secondly, the only logical reason why your Richard died is that he may be afflicted with the burn caused by Kelile, appearing to have him get killed with no one attacking him directly on the time of his death.

However, if that is not what actually happened, then it may be a bug. I hope others with similar experience can shed light on this.

Grimm a barbarian could of affected bleed onto Richard aswell.

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