Weird bug -- War Enemy Hero not shown in Battle due to dying from Initial Board Reshuffle due to No Matches

Yes, I’ve had a reshuffling board at the start before.
I’m 90% sure this was different, the tank was missing before the reshuffle started. Could be mistaken of course but…

Yeah I know.

See my longer post above in #6

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Yes, that perfectly describes the same situation.

I am wondering if there will be a fix, then what will be it :slight_smile:
A) Make sure starting board have matchable tiles
B) Show the tiles, and do all animations, what makes the Tank to disappear.

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Really it’s just a visual bug…

It plays thru all the other animations of the “cascade” tiles (including the damage), the hero is just missing visually :slight_smile:

There’s not actually any impact / change to the raid outcome.


Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this here. But as Guvnor noted, this seems to be a purely (rare) visual issue.


Thanks, i got it on the 2nd re-read!


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