Weird bug -- War Enemy Hero not shown in Battle due to dying from Initial Board Reshuffle due to No Matches

Im not sure if this was a bug or glitch or what. But it was weird. I thought at first oh no i went in for a cleanup and didnt realize. Its like the board knew it was gonna flip and do 2 yellow matches. Took out hel before i even got in. Hmmm @Guvnor

Or maybe its not. Ive never seen a board flip right away

Huh that is a weird visual bug…

Essentially what I think has happened is:

  1. The initial board had no matches so it shuffled.
  2. the shuffle made a match 3 under Hel & killed her (mono yellow will do that to a purple)
  3. Hel died
  4. second yellow match hit Lianna.

The weird bit is that it looks like the system didn’t show Hel from the outset as she technically dies before turn 1… which would be the equivalent of her having been dead from a previous war attack & thus not showing up…

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Yeah it took hel totally out and lianna started way down. It had already recorded those 2 matches before i got in.

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The displaying of heroes (in wars) must be linked to "who’s dead before turn 1)… and because Hel dies before turn 1 (i.e. your first tile match (the player)) she doesn’t show up.

This kind of outcome is probably not intended tho…


How is that possible if the boards are not predetermined? Especially the fact that lianna already had health missing when the battle started? If the boards are random how did it know that she would be hit by a “random” combo? That is suspicious to say the least…

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The board has to be generated at some stage… :slight_smile: I believe, it’s in that “loading” time that often appears between hitting “fight” and the match actually starting.

We also know that the computer looks at every board that is generated & discards ones which have an “auto match” on the opening board so there is some degree of “play-through” / “assessment” before it’s presented to the player.

The interesting part here is that the “initial board” assessment goes through to the players first turn rather than just to the “initial board”;

The other interesting bit is where in the algorithm the computer generates the war defence team visuals…

Currently the order of processing looks like this:

  1. Player selects enemy

  2. Player creates team & hits fight

  3. Computer generates the board based on the pRNG seed.

  4. Computer asesses generated board to determine if there is an immediate match in the board (i.e. if it has generated 3+ tiles of a colour next to each other)

    • if there IS an auto match, repeat back to Step 3
    • if there is NO auto match, proceed to Step 5
    • interesting point 1: assessment seems to go ALL the way to Player turn 1.
  5. Computer generates defence team graphic based on heroes alive at the start of Player Turn 1.

  6. Board presented to player (if no matches possible in Player Turn 1, board will auto-reshuffle).

  7. Player’s first turn.

Personally, I don’t think it’s working as intended as one would think that the Enemy Defence graphic should be generated / determined after step 2.


Good breakdown. Interesting


Curious. Though I have experienced at least once an opening board automatically flipping on itself, but I am more interested whether you got all the 77 points from that team you hit in the video? If it is less than that even if you “one-shot” such team, it would appear that a previous attack has already been made killing Hel and maiming Lianna already and it was probably showing us a visual bug appearing to have such team of full roster with full health. Can you please check the war history of previous attacks made on that enemy team which may have been botched?

@Ultra Nah i was the first one. I got 77pts.

All I can say is: you have a time machine or was able to teleport to a time when it appears to have the opening board flip itself from the time when you were able to manipulate the opening boards, killing Hel and maiming Lianna hahaha

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Haha at least it added a little excitement to my war. I really thought i was losing it. I thought it was a full team, then i thought dang someone hit them right before me and im cleaning up. Haha


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Selected a raid opponent with a full team of 5 opponents.
When the battle started the tank, Chao in this case, was missing completely. I.e. only 4 opponents with the centre guy at front missing.

The board also reset itself and cascaded then the raid continued as normal. The screenshot is before I made any moves. The tiles ghosted through the centre giving me a nice mana start!

I am remembering a time, when I had so bad starting board where there were no matchable tiles, so the board is reshufled itself at start.

I think it happened to you too, and the reshuffled board had some matched tiles so the tiles have taken out the center hero, and they did some damge for the others too.

I think this is not a bug.
Your were just lucky to have this board at start.


It’s like @PlayForFun already explained

Here you can see what happened, that’s from the last event.
After I started playing there were no matches and the board reshuffled.
You can also see, that the 2 green heroes who got hit later had their live already missing from the beginning. If the tiles would have been strong enough to kill those 2 they would have missed from the beginning, just like the Chao in your battle who died from the reshuffled board.

And no, that’s not my normal event team. That was for someone without that many good 4* heroes, showing that he can beat those stages also with those 5 heroes.


Looks like Chao made Ciao and left battle before the start.


I thought we were going to get a fun and riveting ghost story…now I am only empty inside :expressionless:

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Heya @EasyRyder
I’ve merged your report to a pre-existing one.

Also have flagged for dev/ QA attention again as they apparently didn’t fix it from first occurrence

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