Weird and interesting

How about some context?

When both sides are all dead, defense wins.

Yup dint know… Just needed 1 hp somewhere so close

Both sides all dead… First time for me

Had it happen to me before.

Even if opponent also dies at the same time, you still lose.

In raids, at least. Curious to see how that would affect wars. Does the attacker get all the points for the clear? Does the opponent defense team remain on the board with 1 HP? Or does opponent defense disappear without rewarding full points? (that would really suck)

Yes, if the defense has no hp left, you have “lost” but get all points.


Ancient issue:

Ah, good. Because that could really mess up a war score otherwise.

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It happened to me twice in war before. I had Boril in my attack team and had his counterattack special on , the opponent hero got killed while firing his special at Boril. The fight ended for me as defeated since all heroes were dead, but still got all the points. :slightly_smiling_face:

See now that’s a win. Because you couldn’t use that same team in the war again anyway. :+1:

Really frustrating when it happens in a raid, though.

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