Weekly wars in the morning

Last request from users of my alliance.
Wouldn’t it be possible to start week wars at the same hours as weekend wars please
Many members of my alliance work and it is particularly difficult for them to fight in the early hours especially for the end of the war. Many must leave attacks undone because the hours fall right into their work schedules.
Thanks in advance

The start of wars varies already :+1:

In a few weeks it will probably have varied to something that suits you

They already vary and it’s going to be impossible to time it so that it always 100% convenient for everyone. I suggest maybe finding a time and strategy that works your alliance


will for us here the midweek wars starts around 12pm and weekend wars at midnight
they made it like that to satisfy players all over the globe

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No because the weekend war starts at 04:00 my time :stuck_out_tongue:

Weekday wars are at a much better time of 18:00 in my time!

I think the wars are perfectly staggered so that they are fair to players on various time zones.

In my alliance, repeat offenders get bounced as they are just a detriment to the alliance… That or it may be worth looking around for a more reliable alliance.

Or staggered so they are perfectly unfair to players in various time zones :wink:


Only half the time lol :wink:

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chez nous pas de récidiviste, nous fonctionnons a la confiance et tous le monde participe :wink:

with us no repeat offender, we operate on trust and everyone participates

What I meant is that the rule is that they get bounced. In reality we have a dedicated bunch and don’t have to bounce people :stuck_out_tongue: Haven’t kicked anyone in months and months and months.

Translation back:
Ce que je voulais dire, c’est que la règle est qu’ils se font rebondir. En réalité, nous avons un groupe dédié et nous n’avons pas à faire rebondir les gens: P N’a donné de coups de pied à personne depuis des mois et des mois et des mois.

Rappel que la langue officielle du forum est l’anglais. Les réponses et messages non anglais peuvent être signalés, supprimés ou déplacés vers #foreign-languages

As stated thecstartime varies by 1hr with every new war and eventually it will suit your timezone for a while at least.

But that said you should stratagize your alliance accordingly into groups for hits so that suits their timezone and works for everyone.

Ever since the wars started they’ve been at same time. For us the only variation come with Daylight Savings Time. I think smaller alliances may have varying times due to the matchup but my full alliance has always had the same start time.

Only the titan times vary.

Which is why there isn’t an excuse for saying “I didn’t know the war had started”!


with us it starts at 10am in the week and 8pm on weekends, weekdays with those who work it often poses problems at the end of the war. but I can understand that it is difficult to allocate a good hour to all time zones

What I set up is free wars during the week and strategy with a player to guide his strategy and give directives on weekends, it works very well as well, but on weekdays we lose them all due to lack of possibilities of attacks at the right time

why not, as in some games, allow alliances to declare wars on their own day at a time that suits them?
The alliances could then fight in a more suitable time zone and fall on those who have the same time zone and we would fight maybe less Russians and more fighters of our countries

I get that.
Suggestion not forgetting I don’t know your alliance strengths or capabilities in wars but based on my own alliance which is fairly strong managing at 2 resets and 3 if needed and our different time zones and we win 8/9 out 10 wars with the odd 2 losses in a row but that’s only to be expected as we end up coming against vastly stronger opponents the more we win.
You say it starts at 10am and that the weekend 8pm starting time suits you better, correct.

Try one of my strategies which is only allow small hitters to take out the weaker teams they can during the first half which in your case would mean that by 8pm on a weekday your around 10hrs into it and try to arrange all your big hitters to log on at around the same time in the 12hr mark thus you all have 6 hits and work together to do your hits and if your alliance is strong enough you might be able to do 2 resets within an hour or so and then after the 2nd reset just let everyone else go wild with the rest.

Know who can hit what and who can clean-up after big hitters and you should be good.

This is one strategy I/we use against our biggest opponents where in a 25 team war at least 15 to 20 will have 4000 to 4400+ strong teams and we win.

Like I said it just a suggestion so good luck and hope your weekday wars turn for the better.


In fact this is what we do on weekends and the we lost I believe 6 wars in a year, but on weekdays it is impossible to manage the different schedules do not allow a correct implementation. at best we do a reset and the points are too weak at the end of the war.
For the moment we have taken the policy of taking the wars of the week as a training which allows everyone to see its weak points and its strong points.

This would never work, there are enough posts that moan about unfair match making. If alliances chose their own day and time it would restrict the number of alliances that could be fought meaning you either continually fight same small group of teams or have really big power imbalances.

War start times are staggered based on alliance sizes / strength. All alliances of similar powers start at same times to each other, you’ll only get a big change of start time if you loose/ gain a big chunk of players pushing you into a different category

It would already help, if you get all 6 attacks directly at the start of the war.
The 12 hours waiting time is pretty annoying and even more annoying and disturbing, during the weekdays wars.

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There, I do not agree, I played for years in galaxy control 3D, there, the alliances declared war at a suitable time and it was the game that sought the alliance to fight, we just the choice to decide the time and it worked for many years and I’m sure it still works

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