Weekly rotation of half energy regions

Tried to find anything related on the forums, but to no avail. So here it goes…

Knowing that playing 8-7 or 5-8 to no end in between Atlantis Rising events becomes quite tedious, maybe it would be nice to have some random higher tier regions have their stages’ cost cut in half (rounded up, of course) for a couple of days, every week. It would definitely incite spending to maximize the farming and F2P players would also benefit from that greater loot generated. I know they used to have that sort of “event” going on in the JP version of Brave Frontier and it was pretty awesome (and made me spend me a lot more premium currency that I had intended.

To be honest, with that Atlantis rising duration being cut, I’m not hoping for much, but at least, I’d like to have some other alternatives than those 2 stages mentioned above, for farming.

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