🏅 Weekly Raid Tournaments – Post-Launch Feedback – Unfair Matches [dev response on post 476] and Scoring? Appropriate Difficulty? Loot Tiers? See thread for more topics

If you want to make a new thread in #ideas-feature-requests with those specific suggestions about Raid Tournament matchmaking, go for it!

Yes you will still be attacked.

Yes you still get defense points at the end of each day.

First opponent today was easy, second was very hard (for me) and I lost, next three were moderately challenging. So I’m at one loss and my team still hasn’t been attacked yet.

My idea bout an easier system more balanced more fun and more fair system :slight_smile: New raid tournament more fair& fun system

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So I’ve noticed the closer your are in team score, the higher the difficulty bonus you will receive. However, after my last match and loss will point this out.

It is better to overwhelm your opponents. Here’s why.

First, a lose means loss of a daily attack and NO score.
Second, I never received under 50pts difficulty bonus, yet.
Third, will rank you closer to teams that will earn you more points.
4th, your giving points to other contenders.
Last, my loss was from the standard “no healer tiles” algorithm were all familiar with. Since every hero this tourney is FAST, the enemy will heal themselves alot.

Think what would be a good change is a loss should not use up an attack. There will be many reasons you lose, some obviously not fair. This point does not represent your actual team skill. You get 4 losses and you can pay to continue. If you do, your done for the day at this point. Would also switch to 3 strike system with this scenario.

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For anyone who has been raided…is there someplace where they tell you how many points you got for your defense score. I haven’t been attacked, and can assume I got 500 points, but sure don’t see it anywhere (maybe I’m just missing it).

I don’t have time to read the thread today, so pardon me if someone has already suggested this, but…

I am fairly certain that your 5 raid tourney matchups are set for you at the reset of the day. When the clock resets, you are matched up with 5 random teams within either the same, or adjacent loot tiers. Waiting or hitting immediately has no effect, as those are the 5 you are fighting regardless of when you do it.

Basically, my phone lags just a touch when choosing from the raid pool. There’s a half second where my phone quiries the server and receives my opponent back. That hasn’t happened once in 10 raid tourney selections. It knows who I’m fighting.

I’m still hoping to get attacked at least once… Tons of people did 10 attacks. Just whom did they fight…

And the tourney bonus is not a huge deal. I have won all 10 and am at least 350 points out of first place, but still sit 1 to 5%. Basically, if I win 20, or possibly even 19, I’ll almost certainly be top 1%.

except that when you gonthe first two days 10/10 with no losses and are 550 points behind the leader, something is horribly wrong.


It can be a huge deal. I won 10 and am sitting at 25-50% (@3187, while #1 is @ 3807 atm).

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If that was to me, that score is both your offensive wins + defensive wins. I was hoping for a breakout, but I guess I could add up all my points from wins, subtract from my total and know my defense score. But why should I have to?

This makes sense, and if it doesn’t work this way, it should.

Best I can tell it’s like any sports tournament. The high seeds (high team power) are knocking out the low seeds (low team power) in the first few rounds leaving the higher power teams to hammer on each other in last few rounds.

It does not work this way, it should, and if you look above SG has acknowledged there are issues they are working on for next week.

except it’s not a match play event. scoring matters. being 550 points behind a leader is the equivalent of 2-3 flags, which is a non trivial amount when you only get 20 flags.


My proposal is still the same: every roll you have shown three different opponents (which are different for strenght and points, like three different difficulties).

You have to pick one and give up on the other two.
Your choice if risk to lose for more points, punch about your weight or simply enjoy the event and take it easy.


Player in 1st has super weak defense lol.

Like events, could we not add time bonus score or something to give stronger players a push into top ranking? I’m sitting 25%-50% and have decent heroes. I know they working on bugs like the one were myself and others havent been attacked once yet. Right now, everyone is scoring the same and a small edge should be added to offset scoring. If u get matched with say a 2500 player and say u go all out with 3400, be a quick match. Difficulty bonuses isn’t enough.

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