🏅 Weekly Raid Tournaments – Post-Launch Feedback – Unfair Matches [dev response on post 476] and Scoring? Appropriate Difficulty? Loot Tiers? See thread for more topics

@zephyr1 thx :slight_smile:

My understanding is no, it only empties your defeats and allows you to continue in the tournament, it does not gain you extra attacks.


To all the people complaining about unfair matching an the future progress of the tournament.

WAIT until the tournament has run it’s course so you can make real complaints please!

Possible explanations of symptoms:

Pairing against weak teams:

Well all big tournaments have to start somehow. :smile:

Have you ever thought how the first round is supposed to be paired ?

Well…one possibility would be you make a starting list according to team power ( same power then alphbetical order ) divide it right through the middle and let play the first player of the first half against the first player of the second half and so on for the rest of the list.

Thats the way it’s done in chess and would explain why all the strong players are matched against weak players.
If you have a case where the underdog wins this player will make more points compared to stronger players and could be placed at the top at the end of day one.

Defferent attack numbers of defenses.
I am assuming here that weaker defenses are attacked more often.
Should this be wrong the following explanation is wrong to. :slight_smile:

Strong attackers will always attack weak defenses because they entered the tournament to win.
Weak attackers that entered the tournament just for the participation bonus might not attack a strong defense against which they are completely outclassed. Maybe not the first time but for sure after the 4th time. :slight_smile: ( 4 losses )

Important information I would like to know!
Was there a defense that was attacked more than 5 times during day 1 ?

Well it did get better second day I went from a high team of 1772 second day 1745 21 23 24 2605 but I didnt have anyone attack me so I got ripped out of a defense bonus that probably would have been better than default ! Gonna give it another try 3rd day surely should get better and finally get a defense bonus better than default


I didn’t get attacked either, so C bonus for me too.

You watch, by the time we get attacked the small fry will have been knocked out already so we’ll lose and get worse than a “C” and then we’ll be wishing for that default :rofl:



What is confirmed is that the points we will get from defeating an opponent is already determined and displayed

To confirm …
In my earlier post,

The available score for defeating Angel was shown to be 229. When I played his team this morning, I defeated Angel’s team and got 229 points!


BIG… Pause

13. Provided that I won all the 20 attacks in the tournament, does this mean that it is also determined, by the game, who got to be on 1% - 5% range, from the beginning of the tournament?

Which also bring us back to …



so I finished this mornings raids and the last 2 fights were of teams around 2500tp. Still nowhere near a fair fight but slightly better. Still around 500 points behind the leader with no way to make up the deficit.

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I see a lot of people speculating that we won’t get the easy teams on the last few days, because those people will be out of the tournament after 4 losses. I might be missing something, but the rules state that you’ll still get defense points when you get 4 losses. Now that might mean that your defenseteam won’t get attacked anymore, but you’ll still get the daily points from your defense grade up to that point. It can just as well mean your defenseteam will still get attacked though (I thought it was like this and I don’t think it was even discussed in beta, we obviously didn’t have this problem, testing matching is too difficult with a very small pool of mostly high level players).


Absolutely not. The game can’t predict all possible wins and losses that would affect rank. Nor can it anticipate participation. It would wholly depend on what percentage of players who went 20-0, how they scored doing that, and what their defenses ultimately did, so you could conceivably be 20-0 and finish top 10 percent because of those factors.

The problem is number of players in the pool with too few attacks and too short of a time frame to thin the herd. Add that and it fixes the match making.

Beta probably played what looked like the end game: about 100 high level teams against each other. But when you add in thousands of weaker accounts to the pool and then they don’t give a way to quickly separate from them because they can win too, it looks like this.

If we played this out over 3 weeks, it would sort itself out (but there are issues there as well…that isn’t the whole fix), but we aren’t doing that.

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I am wondering if a defense team can be attacked by multiple teams at the same time or is it locked for one attacker at a time. My defense team has not been attacked at all so far. If the defense team can be attacked by only one team at a time, that will cause some issues with scoring. Let’s say my defense team has been assigned to a player who is just after the participation loot and does not plan to attack at all. My defense team cannot be attacked at all during the whole tournament and I will get the default 500 defense points without chance to get higher points.

I’m a huge fan of how this was implemented. I understand that based on the restrictions each week this may have the potential to create weird situations for some players, but I think as long as you keep the focus on 4*s you’ll create a more interesting and competitive environment than the regular raids. With class/color/rarity restrictions you’re also shaking up the upper echelon based on the luck of the draw - a bit of the existing flavor of this game.

I have 1 major complaint, I’m a lower diamond player and I have about 12 heroes at max level +2-8. So far I have only been matched with teams that have 2* and 3* heroes… ■■■? I don’t understand what is matching me to these teams, but I’m not even close to the difficulty I should be at. Are you considering a reroll function?

Are you watching these unbalanced fights planning to introduce a power-based matching system? I totally understand having a wider range, based on restrictions things could get really weird, but if I have a 3600 power def team don’t match me to 6 2000 power teams in a row… That’s not fair to me or them.

Again, I totally love the mechanics that were built in. The rewards are more than fair and yes, this will definitely make me level heroes I had slated for feeders. Please please please fix the matching system though.

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You haven’t been attacked because you aren’t in range yet like the rest of us. Once you are in range, multiple defenses at once would happen if your range is flooded with attacks…but I don’t there are going to be enough attacks in volume at one time in this thing. More attacks at once, more likelihood of defending multiple times at once.

That said, if your defense loses a lot, then that could be a detriment, so it works both ways.

Too many updates to read but I’ll post some info from my low level alt. His 2,381 3* 3/50 team got beat all to hell yesterday :rofl:. I’m scrolling down the list and it says “only shows the most recent 30 battles” doh! Poor little bastards. Of course his defensive grade is E and to be fair it is an E level defense in the scope of this tournament’s parameters.

While I’m not mad at that at all I am pondering how my main and most here got 500 points for defense and have not been attacked. Should I have some emotion and what it should be? The delta between C and E is only 300 points and in the end this account really stood no chance of performing well /shrug

So I won my 10 matches, didn’t get invaded once, and rank # 220000 lol.

In al seriousness though it seems obvious that they are making pools of defending team according to power level, and puting the weaker pool on day 1, second weakest on day 2 and so on.

So basically, for strong teams, the score you get on the first 2-3 days is totally luck, you need to roll teams that somehow had a victorious defense history to get better points

It’s definitely not that he isn’t in range, it has matched me with people with 0 score and people with 1300 score. I also haven’t been attacked once and I was in the 1-5% at the beginning.

Hi everyone, thank you for the feedback so far! Just a heads up regarding some of the issues that players have been experiencing in our very first Raid Tournament. We are aware that the attacks have not been spreading evenly. We are hoping to fix this for the next Tournament. Apologies for the inconvenience! As this is a brand new feature, we are still looking into improving it and making further adjustments.


Do I like it? Meh. It’s still the terrible Raid game.

New priorities? Nope. SGG continues to set developer time on fire by trying to put new lipstick on the same pig.

Loot tiers? Watered down crap like all of the other “rewards”

Tournament vs Regular Raids? Same pig, different lipstick.

Instructions? Meh

Registration fee? The fact that SGG even tried to sneak a fee in means that they failed hard.

Accessibility/Rewards? Whatever. This is just going to be another way for SGG to funnel pixels to the top spenders.

Is it effective? No. It doesn’t change my view of the raid system or who it’s built to serve. I still don’t like it because it’s still the fake pvp system.

Is it fair? It was never meant to be “fair”. It’s only meant to reward the top spenders.

SGG would have been better off taking the dev time used on this and putting it into S2 which has just completely fallen flat on its face.

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Seems like you really hate this game!

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Thank you! Again per my post above, I like it and think this was extremely well implemented.


Thanks for that clarification Petri. Looking forward to see improvements in Raid Tournaments.

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