🏅 Weekly Raid Tournaments – Post-Launch Feedback – Unfair Matches [dev response on post 476] and Scoring? Appropriate Difficulty? Loot Tiers? See thread for more topics

Updated! Just was doing the main thread before this one. :slight_smile:

There’s a camera now? I used to have to hide under his desk.


What I like is that the rewards are based on % instead of hard numbers. It’s a lot fairer than the monthly challenge event.


This… is… AWESOME!! :star_struck:

for Raid Tournaments!

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I like that too — I think it’s a huge improvement, and I hope they bring it to Challenge Events this year too. Tim mentioned during the AMA that they’ll be looking at the reward structure for Challenge Events during the revamps.

You might want to discuss this part in the discussion thread instead of the feedback thread: 🏅 [NOW LIVE!] First Weekly Raid Tournament! — FAQs, Teams, and Discussion

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I’d love if it was a purer contest without the option of buying back in with gems. I feel like this may just benefit spenders.


I’ll be curious to see how that pans out. It benefits spenders in that you can keep going and potentially rank a bit better than you would have with an early elimination.

But losing 4 matches in any of the early rounds is a good indication your score is going to be fairly low anyway. So buying your way back in could turn out to be more just for fun to keep playing than actually effective for getting better loot.


Yes the rewards based on % will offset the benefit of buying back in.

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Wednesday start

I am not fond of the Wednesday start since we already have a war and Class quest each Wednesday.

But both Tourney set up and war allow 24 hours.

Personally, I will prioritize Tourney set up - if I am not skipping this week - then war then class quest ( I can use a flask for class quests).

Saturday no. 3 Battle day & Sunday no. 4 Battle day

But a Wednesday start gives us a weekend for Battle days 3 & 4. So if you already have four defeats or you are not in the Top 5%, you can take the weekend off and wait for Wednesday.


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I would like to see the top 100 ranking players in the weekly tourney, and number 1 player get a brand new SAAB.
Wishful thinking ?


I think we might end up with 1 war a week, and weekly raid tourney.

In another thread I read that raid tournament kills count towards filling the Hero wanted chest, which is pretty awesome considering that war kills don’t.


Answers below:

  • Do you like the new Weekly Raid Tournaments? Why or why not?

    I’m very excited about the new weekly Raid Tournaments. I think any variations of current gameplay create an increased understanding of our how hero’s work, and the variations are going to be a lot of fun.

  • Have the Weekly Raid Tournaments given you new priorities in your gameplay?

    No, This has not changed my gameplay in any way so far. I’m currently working on having 30 maxed 4* and 5* heros, and will continue this effort.

  • What do you think of the loot tiers?

    The loot tiers are great! I think % based is certainly the way to go, can we make this change effective for events too?

  • How do you feel about the Tournaments by comparison to regular Raids?

    I think the tournaments are going to be an exciting addition to regular raids. It will be nice to face different hero’s and tanks.

  • Are the instructions provided in the game clear?

    I think the instructions are fairly clear. I think you will find requests for more information through the forums, and maybe can update in-game messaging to highlight these requests.

  • There was a lot of concern about early beta versions that included a registration fee — that feedback was heard, and addressed with the removal of the registration fee. Do you feel SGG did a good job addressing those concerns with the new system?

    I’m very happy you did not include a gem registration fee, otherwise i would not be participating in this weekly raid system.

  • Do you feel the new system reasonably balances accessibility and rewards for F2P/C2P players with a reasonable advantage for players who choose to pay gems to continue playing after losing all of their lives?

    I think players who spend a lot of money to have all of the heros that are available in game will always have an advantage. However, i think the current raid tournament system will help level the playing field as much as possible.

  • A frequent criticism of Challenge Events is that the loot tiers reward the same top players over and over, and that frequent repetition of stages is the only way to achieve high scores. Raid Tournaments use a percentage tier system, so the number of players in each loot tier varies depending on number of participants. And everyone gets the same maximum number of flags. Do you think this addresses issues of fairness in competition, or does it fall short?

    I definitely think that this adds a level of fairness that is missing from the rest of the game. Pay to play players will still win, as they should, but at least this gives the rest of us a fighting chance.

  • A frequent criticism of Regular Raids is a mismatching of team power due to cup dropping and varying player benches that nonetheless get matched up because their trophies are within +/-300 of each other. Depending on the restrictions of the week, Raid Tournaments can potentially create a more even playing field. Do you think this is effective? Do you like this? Does this affect you positively or negatively?

    This is certainly effective, i do like it, and it does affect me positively. That being said, it is hard to criticize the current raid system too hard because everyone faces the same thing, and you have the option to skip and find a different enemy.

  • Regular Raids allow re-rolling, which helps players elect to skip matches they find unfair or too challenging. Raid Tournaments don’t allow re-rolling, but have teams that are more comparable due to the weekly rules/restrictions. Do you think that works well? Is it fair? Is this system more or less fair than Regular Raids?

    I think the lack of a re-roll option in the tournament is going to have a lot of people crying. We will see if it will work well, i certainly think it is fair, but i’m not sure it will be effective with only allowing 4 total losses over the tournament before you are out. I think it would be better to set a max number of flags per day, win or lose you get to compete the whole time.

    I have been excited about this all day. I’m probably driving my alliance members crazy with all the different defense combinations i’ve been asking for reviews. Ultimately, this has helped me categorize defenses into several categories, and i hope to test each category as we move forward to find the preferred defense setup for my bench.


I pretty much have the same answers, at this time.

The new weekly raids look very well done and I’m looking forward to a few weeks of test-driving before providing a deeper assessment.

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I have changed my raid defense team about 10x today. I am loving the thought that this new raid challenge is forcing me to undertake. Giving value to heroes that prior to today had little value to me. Looking at an unleveled Colen, Skittles, the Li Xiu that I stopped at 3/60, etc. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how the challenge plays out, and can’t wait to see the future raid defense rules/limitations.

I long thought that the ability to divide normal raids into 3*/4*/5* classes would be fun. I like taking my 4150 team against a 4200, but I would also like to take my 3s against the 3s of other teams. I mean I have them… they’re just sitting on my bench awaiting the next challenge event. It’s nice to potentially have a reason to use them.


The tournament should be very fun and a new addition to the game for sure, but the loot is a joke.

Even if you manage to be between 10-25% your ascension mat drop is only 3%. Considering that its a one week prize, it may take up to 33 weeks to “guarantee” a 4* ascension mat. This considering that you always get to 10-25 or better. If you go to 25-50% you chance drops to 2% and now its 50 weeks.

Talking about emblems, 10-25% an get you a good amount on those, up to 20, with 25% chance, but if you are top 25-50% on tournament, you can only get 3-5 emblems, which is a normal lucky chest or a really bad rare titan, titan chest and so on.

Only a few selected people will be able to get something out from there, and for certain is not 4* ascending mats. You can get emblems, tokens and atlantis coins if you are 25% or below, but if you are 50% or more you get almost nothing.

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I find the loot to be more than good for a free weekly event. Just for comparison there was over 1.2 Million people that attempted the rare level of the most recent monthly event. If we had similar participation in this free weekly event over 120k people will get the loot from the top 10%. That’s a whole lot of additional loot coming into the game each week. Even if “only” 400k people register we are still talking 40,000 people in the top 10%

You can’t expect guaranteed 4* mats for everyone once a week. That is just to high of a drop rate


I think it’s rediculis that the items you get in the Raid tournament are the same items you receive in any province when farming. It’s bad enough when you fill a chest you get garbage, why do it in a tournament…makes no sense to me or others that I have spoke with. The gamers need to award us better ascention items, so that members don’t leave the game. This is just my opinion.

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