Weekly Cup Rewards

My apologies if it’s been mentioned before, but it would be nice if there was an incentive to building up your cup ranking.

A weekly reward for your standings overall would seem a nice wrinkle to the game, perhaps something akin (at least in terms of ranking, if not rewards) to the monthly event tiers. The top 100, top 250, top 500, top 1000, top 5000, top 10000, and top 50000, say, could all receive rewards tiered based on their weekly rank. Preferably, players’ rank would reset each Monday at zero, and only players who are actively playing and raiding would get rewards.

It’d be another way to incentivize active play and another chance for players to get those desperately needed high-level heroes and the ascension materials needed to bulk them up.

Participation rewards could be handed out, too, to help beginning players and to ensure everyone gets something for playing.

Maybe something similar could be done for alliance cups, though I’d prioritize that much lower.


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With over a million players that would be, in my opinion, quite a lot more work. I do like the idea but maybe limit to monthly? I do like the idea of resetting everyone to zero periodically so everyone starts from scratch and needs to climb the ranks again. Makes the game become a little more lively in stagnant periods.

To tier the rewards to include more players–to make gameplay more interesting for more players–you could even tier rewards according to cup count instead of by overall ranking.

Everyone with, say, more than 2500 cups would finish in the highest tier, more than 2250 in the the next, 2000 third, 1750 fourth, 1500 fifth, et al.