Weekly Challenge Raids - Ideas for Devs (Pre-Release)

In the New Year 2019 Sneak Peek! we see that weekly challenge raids (working title) are in the works. From the graphic shown it appears there can be:

  • limits on max hero :star:
  • limits on max troop :star:
  • restrictions on heroes’ elements
  • “special rules”, e.g. “healing as no effect”

I wanted to kick off a thread to brainstorm what other restrictions and special rules would be fun.

Some thoughts to get us started:

  1. Limit on Team Cost. A little more subtle than a cap on using max 4*, say, because you could bring a 5* with a 3*, for example.
  2. Limit on Team Power. Yet another way of fine tuning how powerful a team can be.
  3. Limit by class: exclude certain of the new Classes from the raids.
  4. Limit stacking: require N elements on each team (for a rainbow team, N=5)

Special rules:

  1. Any of the S2 special rules (e.g. Night of Magic, Underwater)
  2. Any of the Alliance War rules
  3. Status effects (buffs and ailments) are halved in impact
  4. All heroes immune to {status effect}, e.g. everyone has Onatel’s immunity to Blind
  5. All heroes start at 50% health

BRAINSTORMING RULE: don’t critique earlier ideas, just put your own out there. Offer a refinement or replacement. The devs will be the ones who finally choose which, if any, ideas to use.

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Only one i can think of that you missed is mana speeds
But may be too restricting

Would require players to use heros they dont normally use though

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  1. Multiplicative damage: All damage and healing is reduced to 10% of what it regularly would be, but gets doubled with each attack, resetting with each new turn.
  • 1st tile would do 10% dmg, 2nd would do 20%, 3rd would do 40%, 4th would be 80%, and if you create a diamond, that 5th tile would do 160%.

  • Specials would also ramp up equally (on a different counter) 10%, 20%, etc.

  • Basically, this would force you to actually be purposeful in manipulating the board so that you would only win by creating diamonds, etc. While luck could come into play, more often than not you’d have to forego simpler matches in angling for those bigger matches & combos. Massive combos would lead to massive damage… if you could only get that final, errant tile off on the edge… :slight_smile:

  1. Underdog: You must fight enemies that have approx. 10% (20%?) more Team Power than you. This could be split into Season 1 Underdog, Season 2 Underdog, and Events Underdog to impose more interesting restrictions… that said, the system would have to restrict which one is offered by limiting it only to categories that the player has at least 8 of (so that they at least have somewhat meaningful options to pick from). Rewards given depend on how many of the enemy you kill.

  2. Last Stand: Timer based encounter. You have 5 turns with a pre-determined board, team, and enemies. It’s actually a true puzzle. You get 5 attempts total. Take out either the tank, or at least two of the enemy before the enemy team finishes off your last 3 guys. If you’ve played Diablo 3, this concept is very similar to their Challenge Rift except that the difficulty/level is determined by SGG rather than some random algorithm (though I’m sure they could make it that if they wished to).

  3. Rookie Bombardment: Only 1* and 2* heroes allowed. It’s an Endless Stage, enemy elements to expect are shown in advance and it’s basically a Challenge Event. Happens in series, 3 days per stage, 3-5 different stages… Everyone earns something every 5 waves with a semi-big something at 20 waves - if you can survive 20 waves of increasingly difficult enemies with a team of 2* heroes, you deserve something in return! Leaderboards, bragging rights, etc. Hmm. I guess this would be an entirely different game mode, huh? Well, it’s an idea! LOL Not sure how to modify it into a PvP raid…

  4. Rookie Raid: Only 1* and 2* heroes allowed? These guys really do need some love.


How about hp cap? Or attack cap or defense cap.
I guess if the class mechanic is implemented before you can have restrictions on that. Although I find is hard to make a “new game mode” Without reuseing old ideas. Hope the devs achieve this and complete this hard task. in my opinion just caping a certain aspect won’t cut it.

I particularly like this one. When our group moved to a new alliance all together and had to start over on titans, just for fun we set team power restrictions on teams for titan hits so we wouldn’t wipe them out before everyone had a chance to hit a couple times. We found it inspired a lot of creativity, and mixing and matching odd combinations of stars, leveling, and troops that you wouldn’t normally consider. It was honestly some of the most fun I’ve ever had in this game.

I think the posts above cover most possible variations on team limits, other than perhaps classes when they’re released, Atlantis family, or only “regular” season 1 tc20 heroes.

Of those, I think it’d be nice to see opportunities to use only tc20 heroes every now and then, as a way to provide opportunities for players who don’t have a lot of strong HOTM or S2 draws.

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Isn’t this the point, to an extent at least.

How about: No hairy heroes are allowed? :slight_smile: Let’s call it a Joon challenge :wink:

I am wondering if this could merge with another idea I have seen brought up several times by other players…some sort of “Survival Mode” — Where instead of just your 5 hero team, you choose a pre-determined number of heroes that replace your team as they are killed.

What would be interesting is that although you could see the opponent’s primary team, you would have no idea of the rest of their heroes…what color, strength, or special attacks they may have.

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lol nes! Don’t be a hairy hero hater! :grin:

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Fair enough. There can be another challenge purely for animal heroes. Only Lions, Cats, Dogs, Wolves, Pandas, Badgers and other animals would be allowed in that competition. :cat2: :dog2::fox_face: :lion::badger::wolf: :panda_face:

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I would hope Chao and his gormish handler would be allowed to compete, too.


Here is a simple but yet a potentially hairy thought as a means of making the game/battles a little bit harder/interesting.

As things currently stand colours you don’t use get 1 point from tiles of that colour.

What if when a hero of yours died those tiles also stopped giving the same points as when they where Alive and reverted back to a none active colour tile giving only 1 point .

That would surely change who you take into battle wouldn’t it. Lol.

Will we see, one day, a tournament whose particularity is zero emblem?

My prediction: no. SGG wants to sell emblems, so restricting their use is against their business model.

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