Weekly AW = doubled rewards

This is a personal suggestion and does not reflect my alliance opinion.
Yet Reactions in the alliance range from enthusiastic to cold. One of the better Titan hitters refuses to play and a battle rarely goes by without the best player threatening to quit.
Most of us enjoy AW. It’s a quick skill builder and we have turned a few 2 star battlers into confident players.
My grief with AW is that it’s a lot of work for little reward and it’s frequency means that we can spend more time building up lower value war teams with a seriously doubtful value against effort against reward
We win far more than we lose but only one player has reported receiving an ascension item.
I appreciate the split start time on a twice weekly battle. To save a hemispherical bias random start times on a weekly game would be fair.
Returns could be
Doubled. Though to really motivate participation, Visible ascension items would help.

Weekly games would reduce burn out and give us more time to build up teams that players would be wanting to try.

I think that making AW weekly would increase participation, reduce complaints and with doubled rewards improve player response.

Firstly I totally disagree twice weekly AW does not take up a lot of time. We have players that hit when they are on and they do not need direction etc as they know their own capabilities and fight well. So I reality they can do their AW hits while having a cup of coffee after all it is technically only 3 raids.
As for lower value war teams you do not state what you consider low value. If this is referring to 3* hero’s then the plus side of this is that you will end up with killer event teams in a few weeks. I personally do not consider this a waste of time and anything 4* and above well that is the game and it takes time to get a good bench for AW.
As for rewards well they are truly random personally in only one AW loot have I received anything worthwhile( sturdy shield) but our alliance as a whole have received quite a number of rare ascension mats so all is good in the team
As for participation in AW mid week ones are by far the harder to take part in due to work commitments etc. But that said there is nothing wrong with a player using all 6 flags in one go during the second half. Takes probably 20 mins of your game time to use and help your alliance. And let’s face it apart from farming and raids the AW is a positive aspect of the game

Please check out his.

Maybe you want to stick your Suggestion to this one. Got 10 votes already.

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Fully endorse that post Sorsha. I quite enjoy AW, but it is getting old.
Allslost must play an own game. With an international alliance of varying skill levels we can have one cup of coffee planning a hit, another encouraging somebody to tag with and a third to hold patience into a six shot round.
Lower value war teams? Is two star effective enough? Because that’s what three star teams end up using. As you said it takes time which is what I am arguing for. More time to develop the 30 hero team without neglecting your main.
Rewards, which on a weekly basis can be double, as to what we currently get, will give a feeling of accomplishment, as opposed to the miserly cheat which makes me embarrassed to have encouraged the alliance to play for.
I have already said we are international. One game starts at 5 am and the other an hour before I finish my work shifts. It’s weekends that we have AWOLs. Campers, Families weekend workers all take their toll on my mob so I guess that we have a different demographic. That is why I suggested random weekly though the idea quoted in Sorsha’s post is much better.
Yes, it is one of the better elements of the game but is in danger of becoming another drag that will turn people away. Notably these will be people with a three star main team but who haven’t had time to build a 30 hero band.
It becomes a relief when AW is put in suspension, gives the alliance time to catch up.
Why it was put forward as a twice weekly I can only guess as a data grab. That ended up in the mismatches. Now that is basically settled and with Season 2 features set to be intermittent, it’s easy enough to ease up on constant AW battles