Weekend speed event

I was just wondering what the developers and my fellow players thought of a monthly, or periodic, weekend speed event, where the times of one, all, or a combination of world, raid, titan point reload time was cut in half, and/or the reload time for monster and raid chests.

I think each one has a potential to not only keep interest going for long term players, but to help in the development for newer ones. My thoughts are:
World points cut; help newer players level up a little faster, and veterans flesh out their roster a little faster.

Raid points cut; let people attempt to reach new heights in their world rankings.

Titan points cut; let alliances reach a new level of titan for a weekend that would normally take a month or 6 to achieve.

Monster and raid wanted chest cut; slightly help players of all levels have a chance of getting items that they need for character development.

TL;DR a weekend where action points or wanted chest times are cut in half to add a little pep to the game and help player and alliance development!

Thank you for listening! Ryad2t

I’d rather they put flasks as potential rewards from regular chests.


I like the world energy idea, but to increase raid energy could cause massive overraided issues. Someone like me who hates raiding wouldn’t do more than enough to fill their chest, but then they can be raided twice as often and lose twice as many resources. The titan one wouldn’t make a huge difference due to how the titan’s level is calculated but it could be fun to smash them quicker, though that may lead to problems of busy alliance members missing out on a chance to attack and therefor missing out on loot.

Honestly I think the better solution would be to temporarily increase the rewards for titans and the chests and halve the energy needed for world maps. That would help us gain rare asencion items and also SG might make a little dough off those who are encouraged by the increase in asension items to use gems to buy more energy and instantly start the next chest.

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