Weekend Alliance War Cancelled (27. October 2018)

I really hope u make it up for ppl…we needed those points and were on oneway street to them…

No doubt they will compensate in some way, they have done in the past with a major glitch.

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I think a good compensation would be points for all alliances war chests

I actually saw my Alliance War rating increase by 100. I’d rather have points towards the chest.

Just give all alliances “a win” (that is, 5 chest points) and most of the players will forget about the war being disrupted.


i definitely think all of the players should get some compensation.


The continuous issues with the alliance wars is unacceptable and appalling . Especially since there are so many games out there with the same basic format that don’t have nearly as many if at all the problems you guts have yet the developers can’t seem to get it fixed there is no compensation for our time effort intrest or money. While I’ve only been playing this game for about a year i’m almost done with spending my time and money on it due to this issue

I cannot agree with you more they have and should compensate for the problems…by the way anyone that wants to be recruited into our alliances…if yes please I’m looking for 5 recruits but reliable that are ready to fight always wars and titand

If yes go to New Joe’s too

Thumbs up!they did throw in the flask…

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