Wed and Sat War Opt-in Checkboxes

A number of casual (spending) players have expressed burnout by having wars twice a week (add in new features like Trials, raid challenges, event challenges, etc.).

We’ve moved most of our branches to once a week, on Saturdays, due to most of them working on weekdays. This currently requires manually toggling the War checkbox twice a week, before matchmaking occurs.

My suggestion is to slightly change the checkbox layout, so that it offers 2 checkboxes: one for Wednesday, one for Saturday. This would provide minimal impact to programming (if Wed = True, then match), and no impact to screen layout.

Likewise, this could be reported in both the Alliance Search and Alliance summary pages, as there’s still screen space for something similar to:

  • War: None
  • War: Wed & Sat
  • War: Sat only

Having this would allow players to find alliances that are more suitable to their preferred play style, and grant more longevity to them playing the game itself. It would also be easier for leaders to manage than under the current system.

I like this idea.

Ideally there would be a check box for each day and each War Rule at both the alliance and the player level.

Some people hate Field Aid (WR) since it requires a different set of heroes.


I do not see it in the Devs best interest. Unlike raids you cannot reroll and you cannot select the war rule and losing gets you 20% of the points of winning, and Devs have resisted alliance opt out and player opt out from the beginning.

Devs only added alliance, then player, opt out because their original war matching has a deep philosophical difference with Arpad Emmerich Elo’s solution to a similar problem.

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