Website/Forum Idea: Mouseover hero name for stats


I have seen this on several sites and think it would be perfect for use here.

Store all of the hero names in the forum’s code-and any time that hero’s name is displayed, it become a tooltip link (dotted underline with the mouseover property). Move the mouse over the name, and the screenshot image of the hero’s maxed stats appears.

The text itself becomes a quick stat reference for every hero, eliminating the need to search for the information if you do not know about the one in question.

(It could also be designed as a click rather than a mouseover, of course, as that is used many places on this site already.)


The forum software is something called Discourse.

I don’t know if it can be configured to work the way you like, but if not, the chances for the Discourse people to modify the software to suit one of their clients are slim…