Weapons - armory

How about weapons that are coded for use to specific colours with add on abilities? Eg: additional defence or attack stats.

Much like ascension items drops vary dependant of stages on world map and harder levels there is a chance of better weapons.

An additional idea would be open slots on weapon skill that could be crafted in a new building such as an armory. Again different stats have different rarity and success rates and possibly certain special stats are exclusive to specific elements (colours) .


I thought about something similar, amulets. They could add defense or offense against a single color, add additional power or defense, speed up one hero, etc. And you could only put one amulet on a hero at a time-- it would be great for taking a hero that’s great with one fatal flaw- it would allow you to overcome the problem and make all sorts of new great hero comboes.


I’ve been thinking about weapons and dressing heroes for some time. Weapons or clothes would create completely new possibilities of the game, new combinations. Weapons should primarily improve statistics but could add skills. In order to give players a bit of entertainment in the creation of weapons, it is worth to make an option to find plans for the construction of weapons. Iron would be used for their construction, I have the impression that the game is badly balanced because with equal development of all buildings, iron is produced with a large excess. At the 16th level of the city and the farm, I am not able to consume iron from level 11 digs on a regular basis - something is wrong here. Iron could ideally be used here to create weapons. In order not to overdo it, one weapon could be assigned to one hero, weapons could be upgraded from 1 * to 4 * (similarly to units). In addition to iron, other components should also be used for construction. It could also be possible to find a mysterious and unidentified damaged weapon - after repair it would get power.

Plans could be bought, found or acquired in tasks or during the war of the alliance.

I apologize for errors in the content (if any), Google translator helped me.


I agree with the previous speaker! The game is badly balanced, I have a lot of iron and its overabundance! At the same time, there are very few items for making weapons, I would like more - roots, twilight dust, wood, metal ingots.