Weakest/Most Underwhelming Non-classic 5* Hero

After the buff on Atomos and Margaret, widely regarded, ARGUABLY, as 2 of the most weakest/underwhelming non-Season 1 5* heroes, who do you think replaced them in their long held position of disgrace?


20 characters of Guardian Owl


Telluria since now.
Meh tank, useless anywhere else


Guardian owl will never gets past being underwhelming as long as he is very slow.

And you need to wait for all your 4 heroes to die or to be near defeat, to maximize his Special Skill.


I think that Grimble is a little underwhelming.
I mean …he has his uses but once he could have shone the HOTM(tellu) has innate resitance to minion removal so he still is a little under the table .


Guardian Owl… but if we shift the focus on HOTMs then…

The underwhelming rainbow-5:


What about Toth Amun ??? He is the worst hero they didn’t update at all 4 stars hero’s are better than him …


Alphabetical order;
Azlar, Grimble, Khagan, Leonidas, Musashi, Natalya, Obakan, Perseus, Quintus, Toth-Amun.
Maybe Helena too.

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I think you are wrong on Moose and Greg.

Moose seems underwhelming, but his attack stat is beastly and for a hit 3 he does reasonable damage. His heal buff also directly benefits from any attack buff or defense debuff affecting tile damage. This is really visible on titans. His downside is a lack of element link. I’d argue he is as good in a damage role as Delilah is in a tank role. There’s a better option out there, C. Joon or Drake, just as Delilah is again slightly outclassed by Guin.

Greg’s element link and Crit buff on titans is huge. Until recently with Margaret being buffed there would be no reason to view him as worst Green HOTM. I’d still argue Tarlak Evelyn Greg Ratatoskr Telluria with a dragon banner and Valkyries bane is possibly the best titan team of any element that can be built. Probably beating Frida Miki Athena Vela (High attack blue 5*).


Toth became irrelevant because of seshat imo. Natalya is way below GM who hits three at very fast. And undispellable ailments may now be removed by certain heroes.

Both are really underwhelming but who do you think takes the crown of the most from those 5 hotm you mentioned?

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Easily Natalya out of that crowd. She might be the worst of all 5* HOTM now. A fun fix to her would be V Fast, or, allowing her burn damage to completely stack with any other burn damage. It might mean on the last tick of a GM burn there will be 900 damage heading somebody’s way, but that’s going to take skill, luck, and sacrifice to make happen.

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What about affecting 3 even the fire damage and mana debuff are to be slightly reduced?

That’s another option, very strong one since it is nondispellable. At that point she’s effectively an Uber Proteus at average speeds, one that hates greens.

Offensively she is then probably the best red.

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So natalya for HOTM for you. Now, since atomos got a very great buff to the point of probably being a top hero, who is the S2 weakest hero who took his place?

Inari or Mok-Arr. Probably Mok-Arr.


Oh yeah, the shark who harms his team.:+1:

I have inari and has been collecting dust for more or less a year now. Have not used her actually during that time. I prefer to use li xiu in all of my yellow stacks than her. Pretty useless, i am really not fond of skills based on RNG especially when the skill is solely based on RNG.:slightly_smiling_face:


Disagree here, Nat’s damage is brutal on greens (Telluria anyone?) and good way to get rid of Alberich and Mother North hiding in the corner. She is not comparable to GM but then again GM is considered to be the strongest hero of the game. She’s not A level but she’s not the worst HoTM either.

Perseus and Thoth are competing for that title for me, since both do low damage. Heal block is nice, but I prefer heal steal with Victor who is also very fast. And Thoth just summons a minion for himself, which when compared with Telluria is a joke.


Good point I hadn’t considered. I might have to move her up a little. Thoth can be a small pain on occasion and persevere on a 1v1 if the raid goes wrong. Crippling healing can be as effective as damage in a given situation and Perseus has been stubborn at times.

They all 3 look to have a niche use.

Guardian Owl by a country mile now. It’s not even close.

I’ve seen all other heroes here be effective in the right situations.

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Owl would be crap even @avg. :zipper_mouth_face:


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