Weaker team in war worth more points

Hi all,

How is it possible a weaker team than mine (less emblems and lower troops) to be worth more wat points? (screenshots below)


If such “weaker” team has more total health than your “stronger” team (all health points added, including the troops supporting those heroes also included), then there is no issue there. Such is the design in the game.


The points are assigned based on the total HP of each team. The team which has more points has more total HP, and hence the attacker has to do more damage to kill that team. The total board is always worth 1500 points, which is divided among each defense team in the ratio of their individual total HP values.


Thank you both. This is now clear.

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So…is it just me or why is the team with a lower team power worth more points? (81 v 78)

The team with 5002 team power is worth 78 points.

The team with 4755 team power is worth 81 points.

This seems opposite to every concept about war points I have known since playing in war.

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Points is based on the total HP of the team, not the TP.

Team 1 has 8384 total HP. Team 2 has 8763 HP.


Ahhh I had no idea and I’ve been playing wars for ages LOL. Thank you @Liam_K


I don’t think it’s mentioned anywhere in the game itself, but read it in a thread on the forum somewhere. That’s why it’s preferable to use non-crit troops, since crit troops boost the HP and make your defense worth more, but not necessarily harder to kill.

Found it. And I think this thread will get merged into it

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Ultimately it doesn’t matter. If your defense is worth more than all the other defenses are worth less


In a 30 vs 30 war, probably. But with smaller alliances, having a team that is easy points is usually bad from my experience.


Funny you should say that. My team is the weakest on the field in my current alliance (4.2Kish TP vs most around the 4.8 to 5.2 range) and I mainly use crit troops because those are all I have. But every single war I get multiple bounces, and in this war I took a 3 flag kill. People have a tendency to underestimate weak teams and it seems often come unprepared and with the wrong teams.


I think @Liam_K 's concept of weaker teams using crit troops and giving away “free points” just doesn’t apply to you @Homaclese …because you are always going to be the exception to the rule :sweat_smile::blush::wink:

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Good thread! Learned new things! Thanks guys! @Homaclese @Liam_K and @FrenziedEye for starting the discussion!

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We have a guy in our alliance, 10-12 players opting in for a war, who has high crit troops and health path heroes who gives over 10 points more than my defense (for example). Although we both have good heroes and LB+20, he defends a lot less and in close wars with only few flags left, he is easier target making us lose some wars with few points margin because he gives more points per flag


Its a valid point and happes frequently especially with players that fields slow heroes backed by critical troops with health path. You can control their mana and they will be easy target but will give additional points.

Yes they may give away 10 more points - but the other 10 people in the alliance give away 1 less point each? And all teams die roughly the same number of times in each war

Cleared teams have 8hrs revive timers so if roughly the same is 5 compared to 3 times , you are probably right