Weaker heroes?

I noticed that after upgrading that teams lost in parts the power they had previously. For example, the Joon who is quick and often used in wars is not even able to carry his attacks. Many players in my alliance and others say the same. Fast heroes are taking longer to carry on the war and against enemies to defeat. What could be done?

There has been no change to the main mana mechanics.

You may be fighting sorcerer class heroes such as Sabina or skittleskull. Their new talent is to affect mana. The hero will flash ‘delay’ briefly if it activates, but it’s easy to miss.


Most likely this. I was having the ■■■ moment also when my Victor with lvl 12 mana troop wasn’t ready to fire after ghosting 3 tiles. Realized I had got hit with the delay and I then calmed down.


many people are complaining about this problem and there is no obvious effect on my heroes that could be classed as being launched by this class. In wars and attacks on other enemies happens but in the map of the first and second season does not.

the attacks were against Tiburtus, Scarlet, Delilah, Magni and Presaudaz. My team was made up of Cadimon, Joon, Obakan, Marjana and Magni and I just could not activate Joon. Delilah was activated 2x while my team was not active. is at least strange. Even if the board was bad a lot of people are complaining.

You still need 8 tiles to activate Joon. That usually means 3 sets of 3-matches, since 2 4-matches is rare on most boards. If the board is bad, he may indeed never activate. Unless the people who are complaining regularly count tiles, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it.

If you think there’s something wrong, record a video, upload it to a sharing site like YouTube, and link it here. It’s not impossible that there’s a mana bug, but it’s very unlikely. I count tiles regularly and mana seems to be working just fine.


I realize that it stays that way whenever the version changes. After that comes out the first build improves.

I’ve noticed in raid tournaments titan and in war that jackal is taking longer than he did before. I thought it might just be the one I was using so i tried it with 3 at a time and still same effect. hmmm :thinking:

How many tiles is “longer?” What mana troops, if any, do you have for Jackal?


I just inspected one of my raid videos taken since the update. Kageburado, with a Crit troop, filled in exactly 7 tiles (3 match + 4 match).

If you believe Jackal is filling slower than 7 tiles, please take some video and upload it here.


thanks and i’ll get right on that

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this may be off topic but why does Advanced house level two still only give the same amount as level one? It showed it would 1 extra hero an hour for level 2 but it doesn’t actually give it when it is done being built

Good question. I haven’t gotten there yet in production to see what the tooltip says, but in beta it was 1 extra recruit generated for every other level. So it was 1 at lvl 1, 2 at lvl 3, etc.

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I read that the adv house produces stage recruits as follows. 1-1, 2-2,3-2,4-2,5-3,6-3,7-4,8-4,9-5,10-5

I noticed that after the Build the speed of the heroes has returned to normal both in the war and the onslaught and titan. There may be a problem with the first released version since there is a slowdown whenever there is a new release.

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