Weak color Tolerance lvl

We all know the element chart (red strong against green but weak on blue etc.) What if there was a tolerance lvl just like a special skill lvl. We know about color feeding reds to reds. I know a lot of ppl who just color feed until the special skill us 8/8 but what if you could raise the tolerance of a strong color against you by feeding the strong color to your hero’s. Like vaccine feeding. If you get the lvl to 8-8 it’s still going to be stronger against you than the other colors but just not as bad. Basicly like alcohol. Some ppl built up a tolerance and they can drink a lot but they are still going to get drunk than there are ppl who have little tolerance and are drunk after one or two shots. Could be a good idea could be bad. Might be a game changer in either direction

I like the idea, but I don’t have faith SGG could implement something like that without screwing something up.