We were demolished . War story

Hello people . We are an Alliance that usually fights all his battles . Sometimes we win and when we lost its usually a close battle ( 1k of points was the maximum before today).

Now, how is is possible that two alliance so differents in real power are matched to fight?

I will not put more details at least someone needs It for a further analysis . However the differences between most of the rival alliance vs our players is too big to even be considered a fair match

Tough day for both of us. Our team score is 130117 and we were matched with a team that had a score of 150386. We used more flags than they did, but we still lost by 23 points. I bugs me that all we needed was one more attack and we could have stolen it from them.

This is probably the right thread for it: Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response) MASTER

Please continue the discussion here

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