We want a replay: a possibility of see how an oppponent attack you!

We had a great discussion in my alliance and an idea comes from it:
Do you think that could be a possibility to see a video o replay of how an opponent attack us? At least those were we lost. Because we see some opponents with a very low team power and then they won. It is a curiosity how they can win, and it will help to learn from their attack. Thanks and be nice !!!

You only see their defence team. They can hide their stronger heroes if they want.

They can win by color stacking, 3 or 4 times the strong color.With this you can kill 1 or 2 5* heroes only with 3* heroes…in war for instance.

I don’t think we will get the replay.This would result in such a huge amount of data needed beeing stored…almost impossible referring to our responsibility as human beeings for environment protection.

Raids are just simulated on the phone of the attacker and afterwards only the results are submitted to the server.So the game keeps playable for over 1.000.000 players (1.300.000 is the average number of players participating in the past raid tourneys).

So the game would need to store the video.Send it via Internet to the server where you would download to watch it.This part alone would cause too much traffic.

The attacker could do a video while playing and send it via E-Mail to you.

Or the devs need to invent some kind of transcription log of the battle that it can be sent as text.This would cause them huge effort for no real benefit.Don’t think they are gonna do this.

Don’t get me wrong.I even like the idea seeing the attacks myself but it’s such a workload that it is very unrealistic.

Better they invest their time doing new features for the game.


Thanks for your reply. I am understand you very well, but I just so curious because some of the opponent have a very low team and they obtain 50 cups. So now the question is how is the matching? Why sometimes an opponent can win such amount of cups if the can hide some strong heroes. :smile:

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Your opening post is a duplicate and has been discussed elsewhere, so I will be closing this thread.

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This is actually a different question from your original post. There are MANY threads that discuss dropping cups.

Here is a quick definition of Cup Dropping, if you are unfamiliar with the term/meaning:

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