We stack colors, why not emblems?

Just what it says.

I see lots of mentions in threads which lead me to believe players are either giving all emblems of a class to one hero because they want to finish the tree or they are worried about an overwrite.

My GM & Kage have shared barbarian emblems, and Lady Locke will share her sorcerer emblems with Nat after reaching 3d tier.

What are you doing?

I am bolstering my defense team first

I’m currently only giving emblems to my top hero in each class, but I doubt I’ll stick with that all the way through the entire talent tree before branching out a bit.

The argument in favor of focusing on single heroes is simply that, for most purposes, you can only use five heroes at a time. For most players, myself included, that means that there’s a short list of heroes that get way more use than the rest. Might as well use the emblems on 'em!

But that doesn’t contradict what you’re saying in your initial post, Bud. If you use both Kage and GM a lot, then there’s really no good reason to pick one over the other.

And that’s precisely why I don’t expect to finish the talent trees on my defense team before I start giving emblems to heroes like Wu and Wilbur (titan staples, for me).

I’m sitting on all my emblems… #idkwhy