We should compensate SG when a hero gets buffed

I’m sorry if this is a duplicate thread. I didn’t search, but I’m sure there are already 50 threads from outraged players, as I, for when SG gives us more for what we’ve already paid. That said,

I’ve spent money on this game. I’m not afraid to admit that, but when I spend money and get a hero that I won’t really use, but level anyway? SG should be compensated for making them actually usable with a buff!

I think we can all agree on that!

We’re talking about heroes, that with new stats and buffs, make them worth more than what we did to get them.

It’s not fair that I got a bunch of those heroes, and took the time to level them, only for someone else to want to get them now that they’re more valuable.

So you’re just going to give me more?? More than what I paid for??? No thanks! It’s worth more now, you should have my money!

Either take our money, or don’t buff. It’s that easy!

Thoughts on how we can make this happen?


So you’re saying there’s now another downside to having a Guardian Owl? Just brutal…

I suggest we amend it to, ‘…compensate SGG for buffed heroes if you’ve been complaining on the forum about buffs / nerfs / balancing. Double the amount for each Telluria or Vela thread you complained in.’


I like people who think outside the box.

Very clever thread. Hope to hear from some of the guys whos posts i have read.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Only problem is… SG gave me free emblems today… I know I probably owe them something for that, but I’m a little short this month. Do you think they’ll accept common herbs in lieu of credit card info?


I shall compensate them with extensive Mystic Vision viewings. :grin:


Dangit @Kayo I was working on an extensive post to introduce “Voidstrike’s Legal Atelier of Unqualified advice” at low, low fares to all the players about to call attorneys. They can just pay me the $300-500 hourly retainer to tell them no you can’t sue a gaming company for your poor financial decisions.


@zephyr1 @littleKAF @DaveCozy

Should this title be prefixed "Dangerous Trolling?


See, @Kayo… hall monitors have been called. You’re in for it, now.

side note: I sorta feel that, with the horrible summon odds, any ‘buff’ that occurs is more like the investment pays a dividend.

Worst. Stock. Market. Ever.


They could fix this issue by making it so heroes that get a buff are dropped back to their 3rd ascension tier. Then, if you like the NEW hero, you can re-spend the mats to max them! I love it!


I fear how much I will owe for my Atomos buff.

Also, I have 3 Atomos…do I have to pay for each one??


I think you should. I mean you got 3 times the buff as someone who only owns one of them.

And it’s no big problem for SG to make you pay for these upgrades. They can just deduct the amount from your gem total. If it becomes negative, well, you have to buy/earn gems to get back over zero before you can do anything like summon or speed up chests.

Very simple.


Been meaning to create this myself. Thank you, oh pantless one. You hath inspired me. :grin:


What should be the biggest compensation? Atomos? Then Margareth?
I guess SG could make a fund and use those resources to compensate for Telluria and Vela nerf. Bravo!
P.S. note to SG staff: I’m happy to pay for a small buff for my sweet beloved child Horghall. :heart: How much would be minions + negligible healing + speed up? Oh wait, that already exists. :see_no_evil:


@TGW even made the small print too. It’s the little details that make things special.


Gotta add the fine print.

Otherwise… someone might sue you. :laughing:


If this is anything other than a joke, then I’ve lost all faith in humanity. To be fair, there wasn’t much left anyway.

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I’m about 99.9% positive that it was a joke. And a rather good one IMO, given the current atmosphere and such.


Oh so thankful for this thread!

No doubt our mods are busy conjuring up ways to flag this post for being far too serious for the forum :smiling_imp:

I have 2 Atomos and 2 Margarets’, I’ll be more than happy to pay them with my Jack Blacks (aka Friar Tuck who looks like the character Jack Black plays in the latest Jumanji movies).


Oh holy hell, this is everything right about this forum!


Seems like a perfect occasion for a slow clap :rofl:

Well done, mate

Clap, clap…
Clap, clap, clap, clap …

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@kayo, good friend. Now I’m hurriedly levelling my long-neglected Atomos, are you saying that as well as hunting down expensive Tonics, on top of that I now owe @petri and @KiraSG a ton of lattes? I’ve got kids to feed! This is outrageous! :laughing: :laughing: :coffee:


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