We should be able to look at our Def team after the tournament is over

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How do you mean?

You can still look at your defence team & it’s performance for the 24 hours that follows the end of one tournament but before the start of the next?

I couldn’t figure out how to do that actually

Go to the Raid Tournament Screen. Then where it is showing your score & the Top x%, tap that space.

Brings up a summary of your attack & defence over the tournament. :slight_smile:

Can view your defence anytime before the next tournament starts

I think I know that summary of attack and defense but there was no option to see the DEF team “I” used… I think.

OK I think I can come back if I fail to see it after this tournament too. Thank you.

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As in the specific heroes? No I don’t think that’s viewable after the conclusion of Day 5.

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Yes this was what I was talking about. Would appreciate if it was added.

  • I might not remember it perfectly (especially if I was out early)
  • even if I do remember, I think it would still help me “think”

Take a screenshot or use the site

Either way…it is what 99% of permant active players are doing here.

OMG yes, I just got an A grade on defense and can remember just two hero positions.

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