We should be able to instantly switch between classic and costume talent tree

So, I’ve been wondering for a long time… what’s the point of this feature? How does navigating to the next hero’s talent tree help me? Can’t find any good answer to this question… Maybe I’m missing something… Anyway, I really think it would be a lot more heplful if the function of this feature would be changed to switching between costume / no costume talent tree for costumed heroes. We can only use emblems on the classic hero’s talent tree, but lots of time we mean to get the bonus most useful for the costume’s talent tree. Being able to instantly switch between classic and costume talent tree to decide the best next step would be great.

I use it sometimes when I know that I have a lot of food/iron to get rid of, but don’t know offhand which emblems I have in hand. Then I can scroll through to find a hero that deserves emblems and apply them, saving several clicks.


I completely agree,… not usefull at all.

This… since 1st update I have noticed why it is so hard to switch between costumed and no costume talent tree.


20 chars of total agreement

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To make good use of it you need a hero with the costume/non-costume class next to the one you’re checking.

So, for example Elena (fighter) and Scarlett (rogue) next to each other in your roster. That way you can flick between the two relevant class emblem paths.

Not ideal, and I also don’t see much use in it! Only slightly less hassle than just clicking out to menu and back into a different fighter.

Probably was rushed during the development. Not being able to see the costume and manage it directly from that screen makes it not that useful plus irritant.

But I believe it should be updated soon.

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It’s so you can apply talents on multiple heroes more easily. The costume but was never intended, which I agree is a mistake.

But why is this in the Ideas and Feature requests area?

Locked my vote.

EDIT: Can @Ian487 change the thread title to reflect what needs to be voted on by the forum users? Thanks.

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Agree, not useful at it is and it would be incredibly useful if it toggled between OG/Costume versions. I remember Guvnor saying this was a common suggestion from beta, but of course it was ignored.

I would vote for this but all my votes are locked up in dead threads.

Thanks for the edit @Sarah2!

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This is a great suggestion, and is much needed.

Guvnor did post this video before


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