We participated in the hashtag challenge, but you did not give the gift pin to the members of our ALLIANCE - Answer - Keep the hashtag all week

hashtag challenge issue!!!

We participated in the hashtag challenge, but you did not give the gift pin to the members of our ALLIANCE


I don’t think it’s been given out yet.


Yep, you’ve got to keep the hashtag all week. Always worth checking the details :relaxed:


I think it has started to have been gifted gradually (my ally got it yesterday anyways).


  1. Be patient; likely that it will take a bit of time to roll out the gifts to everyone

  2. If at the END of the campaign you still haven’t gotten the gift, you will need to #contact-support… We (the forum) won’t be able to assist.



Nothing for our alliance yet, so I’m also in the queue.


We (The Ravens of Valhalla) received ours yesterday (a message was in my Game Inbox at 10:00am local time), so they’re rolling it out :slightly_smiling_face:

But just like @JonahTheBard mentioned,

make sure that Your Alliance message banner has it all week…



We got ours 17 hours ago. Comes into your inbox like the below (just for reference)

Just want to thank you for the support of women and the gift of the pin. Happy gaming.


Hello, the rest of the members of my alliance received the choose to challenge pin, but I have not received the email/pin yet?

Please advise?

Hi ! :hand: We have “not” received our pins … eagerly waiting to use it . Thank you in advance.

Are these pins distributed randomly, by lottery, or in limited quantities?
No. I’ve explained that you will receive it if you include #ChooseToChallenge in your alliance description during the period.
The non-paying members of my alliance have been eagerly awaiting their pins.
I’m disappointed that they didn’t get their pins within the time frame.
Why did you not receive your pin?
How many other alliances did not receive their pins?

I’ll continue the #ChooseToChallenge for a while now, waiting for distribution.

We also did not receive. Contacted support. No reaction up till now.

Me and my alliance haven’t received the pin either… and this hashtag challenge ended yesterday, right?

Same thing in our alliance. We had the hashtag on our alliance profile since March 5th and still no pin for us… meanwhile other alliances got since day 1.
It feels unfair and disappointing. :frowning_face:

I understand how you feel…specially when people put the effort and then they are not rewarded. The day represents to pull forward the equality and fairness but then in comes the other way.
We still have the hashtag since I received the message in game before the beginning of it all and still nobody in the alliance received the pin…
Patience is a virtue…image

My alliance didn’t receive the hand pin although we participated with the hashtag.
My request in the in-game support seems to be stuck.
Thanks for any help and please don’t send me to another forum…

Complained yesterday, received pin a few Minutes ago. Thanks SG :slight_smile:

Hi there ,
for my guild has missing pin from the C2C event,
could you check it for us please.
my guild name is [ Maimai 麥麥萬歲 ]

Same here, still waiting for the pin…
@Petri can you please check what is wrong?

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